Dean of Students 
The office of the Dean of Students, with the help of many other dedicated personnel, is mandated to oversee the socio-economic affairs and coordinate welfare matters of students. With an objective to develop and take charge of the student welfare system for the attainment of academic excellence, a holistic and all-round education; and personal character based on the acronym: Motivation, Ambitions, achievement and accomplishments, Goals, Integrity and Courage & Character (M.A.G.I.C.). Through operations of professional clubs and welfare associations in the student community; we are able to improve competence through regular training/in-service; strengthen student governance structures; maintain good discipline and instill good habits among the students; promote patriotism among students, facilitate students participation in co-curricular activities at university level, nationally and internationally; strengthen students participation in recreational activities on campus; liaise with Health Unit to take care of the sick or ill students and the general wellbeing of all students. Then prepare and regularly update departmental documents for efficient and effective services delivery. To be able to achieve the above; we conform to the core values of; accountability, respect, integrity, co-operation, unity, empathy, responsibility, tolerance, trust and honesty.

Activities and services at the dean of students office
An ear and eye of the students: Before making a decision to call off studies, ensure that you come to talk to us. Let the Dean of Students know if you leave the campus for more than a day. This is for your own good. Ensure that we have your profile in our data base, including contacts of your parents/guardians. You will not walk alone on your journey to your success or destiny we are here for you; to help you reach your aspirations and goals.

Mentoring Programme
The Mentoring Programme aims at guiding students to settle down faster in the University life and appreciate their studies at IUEA. It also aims at creating a positive University experience and offer support needed to make informed decisions and choices.
Centre for Career Development and Placement (CCDP). Here the student will be helped to career-putting and choice. It also gives guidance on securing attachments, internships and employment opportunities.