Getting started

Before you apply, please read the following carefully.

Choosing your programme

Choosing your programme is the first important step you will make. Search our online course listings for information about each programme, typical entry requirements and links to detailed Faculty and programme information.

You can also visit and talk to a member of our Communications and Admissions Team on campus who will be able to help answer any questions you have about studying at IUEA.

How To Apply

  1. Know when to apply
  2. Do you meet the admission requirements?
  3. Apply to IUEA
  4. How to send your transcripts
  5. Are you enrolled in high school or upgrading courses?
  6. Check your admission status
  7. English Proficiency

1.Know when to apply

Apply for most full-time programs on the application start date indicated below.

Intake Application Start Date
January November every year
May April every year
August July every year
  1. You may apply to more than one program but a separate application and fee are required for each.
  2. If your application is on a waitlist for the September intake (beginning of the academic year), you may request to transfer it to the January or May intake of the same academic year.
  3. Applications are accepted for each intake up until classes begin for most full-time programs, but it is best to apply early as many programs offer early admission and/or continuous selection.

2.Do you meet the admission requirements?

All full-time programs have specific admission requirements outlined in the Academic Calendar. To qualify for admission, you must satisfy one of the following:

Selection criteria

Some programs require supplementary documentation or additional information to be submitted after applying. This could include a career investigation, mechanical apptitude test, resumé, essay, interview, or more.
Review the admission requirements and selection criteria as listed within each program. In all cases, you must meet the admission requirements as outlined.

English Language Proficiency: All applicants must demonstrate a certain level of English language proficiency prior to admission.

If you do not meet the admission requirements:

  • Consider our academic upgrading programmes for all core academic subjects. Details of these can be given on campus.
  • Attend the Centre of Languages and Professional Skills English courses

3.Apply to IUEA

Click on  Apply Now! link to start your online application, and create a secure log in.

Application fees

A hard-copy application (.pdf) is available with an application fee of UGX 35,000/=  ($10 for International students). Application fees are non-refundable.

4.Send us your transcripts

Please provide official transcripts of all high school and post-secondary education you have completed to date. Transcripts, or anticipated final grades, must be presented to Student Services before you will be considered for admission.

5.If you are enrolled in high school or upgrading courses

You can enter your academic information, including grades to-date, in the online application. If you haven’t completed a course yet, enter your anticipated final mark instead. This information will be used for admission until we receive your final transcript. If you are offered conditional admission to a program based on your anticipated final grades, make sure that: your academic average remains at or above the minimum selection or early admission average for the program applied for; and, all required courses are successfully completed; and, all graduation requirements are satisfied. If you did not enter your anticipated final grades when you applied, you can complete an Anticipated Final Grades form. Please make sure we receive your final and official transcript by the Transcript Deadline. Applicants must meet or exceed their projected grades in order to maintain admission in the program.

6.English Proficiency

English is the language of instruction in all programs at IUEA. Applicants must meet the minimum requirements for the program they apply to, and demonstrate English language proficiency prior to admission.

Applicants can demonstrate English proficiency by sitting the English Proficiency test which is organised by the University. Applicants’ proficiency scores are based on international standards of language testing.