Kampala is a great city to life and to study; it has very many things to offer and calls for some serious attention and an adventurous spirit when you are actually there.


About 900.000 visitors find their way to the wide variety of attractions in Kampala each year and do you know that Uganda was even named Lonely Planet’s top destination of 2012. The city offers something for everyone: those who love the hectic bustle of the city or who, but also for people who are searching for the peace and beauty of nature.


Cultural life is taking off more and more in Kampala, which continues to surprise everyone with its new festivals, sporting events, increasing art and culture and bustling nightlife. The city also has a selection of various sights, featuring everything from the Kasubi Tombs to the Uganda Museum.


There are three methods of public transportation: Boda-Bodas, minibuses (taxis), and special hires. Boda-bodas (local motorbike transport) are a popular mode of transport that gives access to many areas within and outside the city. Boda-bodas are useful for passing through rush-hour traffic. Obviously it is always important to keep safe and were helmets when riding a Boda-Boda. Standard fees for these range from UGX 1,000 to 2,000 or more.

Matatus are a series of minibuses that follow relatively preset routes all over the city and many other parts of the country. Also known as taxis in Uganda

when you reach your destination, tell your conductor “Stage” and they will stop the van. The normal fare starts at 500-1000USh per person when driving into the city, 1000-1500Ush when driving outward.

If you aren’t up for the thrill of the Bodas and don’t have time for a taxi, you can always get a special hires (what you normally know as a taxi). They are readily available at most central locations. A few taxis have meters, but most have not. Be sure to agree on the fare before you get in the car to avoid any misunderstandings, but don’t be afraid to haggle either.


Kampala has got restaurants catering for tastes and budgets. From Asian to Europeans, African to Mexican restaurants are available and work until late-night. There are also plenty of small take-away, roadside chicken grills and markets stalls which offer a wide range of local food such as roasted chicken and chips and Rolex (a fried egg rolled into a chapatti with onions, tomatoes and cabbage) at reasonable fee.

Kampala has also got several bars catering for all budgets. The up market hotels and lodges offer a rather wide selection of local and international drinks while the local bars offer a wide selection Uganda’s local beers, sodas and spirits. Most bars lie along trading centers and along main roads; open from mid-day till late in the night


Clubbing city of Uganda: With the number of bars, restaurants, clubs and discotheques in the city you would never experience a dull moment.

Stay safe

Kampala is a relatively safe city. It is fairly safe to walk or take matatus around some areas at night, but don’t take unnecessary chances.

It is possible to use your credit card in Kampala. But you should always be careful when you use it in public places. Safer is withdrawing money from ATM’s using your VISA-card. Many ATMs take VISA. Stanbic is the only bank that takes MasterCard branded cards.

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