The University has a Security Unit managed by qualified personnel under the Falcon Estates Ltd. The unit has the mandate to protect the community and property of IUEA. It works closely with the Dean of Students to ensure security and peace for the students and the entire university Community as well. The security personnel are specifically assigned the protection of Hostels and Students at all times. They may alert the relevant University offices in case of emergency or provide emergency services if its within their reach. However, security on campus should be a concern of every individual. Take good care of your property; report any strangers who hang around hostels or the campus; inform the security unit about anything that threatens peace or alert police. The Uganda police force patrol also provides extra security both within and outside the campus.

Discipline on Campus

Based on the vision and mission of the University, students are expected to observe appropriate discipline in all areas of life in hostels, on the fields, in the lecture rooms and in examination rooms at all times because this shall depict the true image of the proper IUEA student. Indiscipline and misconduct is totally discouraged, and is handled as per the University Code of Conduct governing student life. Avoid unbecoming behavior.