How the IUEA Guild Debate 2022 lit up the Auditorium 

The International University of East Africa (IUEA) Guild debate 2022 featured Guild Presidential, Vice Guild Presidential aspirants and hundreds of curious students (voters).
IUEA Guild Debate 2022

On Thursday, May 26th (the day before the elections), supporters of various aspiring candidates, lecturers, and a few parents packed the huge IUEA auditorium to witness and listen to what the aspirants had to say in defence of their manifestos and visions for IUEA.

Supporters of different candidates during the debate

Ms Namutebi Ruth Elizabeth, SRHR-HIV advocate and an architecture student at the university, moderated the 2022 guild debate, broadcast live on the IUEA YouTube channel.

The guild debate was led by a panel of judges comprised of IUEA alumni and lawyer Onyango Sanfo, student representative Andera Ruth, East African Community youth ambassador to Uganda and CEO of Mega World Foundation, Lucy Mega Munduru, and electoral commission chairman Dany Kakura.

Lucy Mega Munduru
Judge Lucy Mega Munduru, East African youth Ambassador to Uganda and CEO of Mega World Foundation

Vice Guild Presidential aspirants; Aguer Simon Bul, Atuhaire Marklyn, and Kirungi Henry took on the first session of the guild debate, impressing students with their detailed manifestos and profiles.

Meanwhile, the Guild Presidential contestants, Akankwasa Bridget, Kakelengwa Mbilizi, Jonathan, and Nathan Mubembe, came in next for the most-awaited session. 

The judges asked the aspirants questions on various topics, including education, student welfare, gender equality, their vision for IUEA if elected into office, how they would bring change to IUEA, and how they would work with other stakeholders to achieve their goals, among others.

All aspirants were given a chance to answer the questions while the audience keenly listened and watched. Others were left spellbound by what they were hearing.

The audience was also allowed to ask questions about some issues raised by aspirants during their manifesto presentation.

Mubembe Nathan
Guild Presidential aspirant, Mubembe Nathan presented his manifesto.

Guild aspirant, Mr. Mubembe Nathan believes in teamwork. He clearly illustrated to the audience a pyramid of his work plan. Marketing, community outreach, youth empowerment, social activities and teamwork were some of the main points in his manifesto.

He also illustrated the diversity of the IUEA community, showing how the various nationalities are united by social activities like Cultural gala and sports.

“As a leader, I will start by building a strong team. Because without a team, I can’t work. After building this strong team, we will therefore be able to involve students in different activities, including marketing of the university. Social activities such as sports and cultural galas will enable us to know and learn more about each other.”

Mr. Mubembe said in an interview.
Akankwasa Bridget
Guild Presidential aspirant Akankwasa Bridget during the hot seat debate.

Many students were more interested in hearing from Ms Akankwasa as she showed fearlessness as the only female guild presidential contestant. 

When asked about how she plans to empower her fellow female students, her reply was:

“As a lady, you have first to know your value and dignify yourself. I plan to put up programmes about breast cancer awareness, HIV awareness, and different projects where ladies can get involved, such as sports.”

Ms Akankwasa said.

Students also directed general questions to the aspirants. One of them was the issue of bringing back mixed hostels. 

In reply, Mr Kakelengwa said he wouldn’t promise anything much.

Mr Kakelengwa Jonathan
Mr Kakelengwa Jonathan defends his manifesto during the guild debate.

“It is not bad living together, but it depends on what our purpose and ethics will be while in the same hostel. I am not going to promise anything much about it. “

Mr Kakelengwa said

Students vying for Guild Representative Council (GRC) posts also took a minute to introduce themselves to the audience. 

It is also worth noting that this was not a platform for any political party. Instead, it was an opportunity for the IUEA community to hear directly from their respective candidates on how they intend to run the university if elected into office.

Voting will take place on 27th May from 8 am to 6 pm, and the winners will be announced immediately. Students are advised to log in to their OnlineU accounts as the voting will occur online.

By: IUEA Connect

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