Scholarship to the government of south sudan

The IUEA Scholarship Programme was designed from the spirit of IUEA’s founders’, giving back to the community and making education available to all regardless of race, gender, class, religion or economic status. For ten years since the university’s inception, IUEA has stood firm by this promise.

On the 26th of April 2021 at 2 pm,  students, staff, the press and various stakeholders converged at our Kansanga based campus in Uganda to witness the scholarships handover. The Ceremony was graced by the presence of the Ambassador of South Sudan, Honorable Simon Duku Michael who was flanked by the South Sudan Education attaché Mr Lual Akol.

The ceremony commenced with a brief tour of IUEA facilities. The tour was guided by the Personal Assistant to the Vice-Chancellor Mr Omar Akasa who was standing in for the Vice-Chancellor who is on a study trip to the United States.

The tours kicked off from the high tech computer library, then the innovation centre where the dignitaries witnessed the recycling process of a formerly non-functional fluorescent tube. They were impressed by the fact that it could light again even after it was considered fit for discard.  They also witnessed other inventions like the smart ventilator, traffic lights controlled by solar lighting, the voice command lighting system to mention but a few. The dignitaries commended IUEA for such great innovation and encouraged the university to keep up the good work.


The Education attached explores the recycled fluorescent tube while the ambassador looks on.
A tour of the Petroleum and civil engineering laboratories.

After the tour, the dignitaries were ushered into the board room where the handover ceremony was meant to take place.

Mr Omar started off the speeches by welcoming everyone present. He thanked the government of South Sudan for the standing relationship and commended the education attaché for always keeping in touch. He introduced all the notable IUEA Board members and walked the house through the students’ activities at the university. Mr Omar hinted at the aspect of IUEAs students high employability potential sighting. Unlike other universities in Uganda;

“80% of them are employed immediately after graduation. Through student tracing, we learnt that one former IUEA student is already working at the South Sudanese embassy.”

– Mr Omar
Mr Omar addresses the house

Mr Omar in conclusion welcomed the Education attaché.

Mr Lual started his speech by appreciating the students for the warm welcome. He pointed out the alarming rate of forgery of academic documents by Sudanese students. He then cautioned them against the act and urged them to work hard and do away with the foul practice.

Thereafter, Mr Lual welcomed the Hon Ambassador Simon Duku Micheal who appreciated the students for the welcome. He expounded on the issues of the rising numbers of students faking documents. He called upon all the students to remain united, work hard and avoid shortcuts.

“Academics will get you the job, but discipline will help you keep the job.”

– Hon Simon Duku Micheal, Ambassador South Sudan

To sum up the day’s events, the dignitaries were shown the IUEA electric motorbikes and all their functionalities and they were impressed after taking a ride.

Mr Lual the South Sudanese education attache takes a ride on the IUEA electric motorbikes in the presence of other IUEA South Sudanese students.

They once again thanked the university for the welcome and scholarships extended before they made their exit.

Who gets these scholarships?

These scholarships recognise exceptional talent and achievement, and they also recognise the need to improve the opportunity gap for vulnerable and disadvantaged groups. As such, recipients are expected to exhibit a high standard of work, academic performance and or high level of creativity and innovation.

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