IUEA Guild Council Distributes Pads, Condoms and Shares Open Sexual Talk with Host Community

IUEA-Guild-Council-Distributes-Pads and Condoms

Successful, that is how best we can define the November 6th Community outreach which was organized by the Guild Office of the International University of East Africa(IUEA) for its host community. The outreach event had the Guild office donating items such as condoms, sanitary pads and as well as organizing reproductive health talks to the community.

The event kicked off at midday as the outreach team arrived at the office of the Chairman for the Kansanga wheeling area. The Chairman Mr. Godfrey was so delighted to have the Guild Office of the University, he appreciated the Guild Office for having the interest of the community at heart, he went on to add that he was delighted when  the Guild office had informed him of their visit.

The chairman added “For this great gesture we have exhibited towards the community we should be rest assured that IUEA students in the community are in a safe heaven”

The Guild President His Excellency James, Ukemeobong Okon in his opening speech did thank the Chairman for accepting the Guild office of the international University of East Africa request to carry out the outreach in the community. He added that the community has been a very good host to its students as most of its students are internationals and one of the most comfortable areas of residence for them is the Kansanga Wheeling area.

He added that the community outreach is put out with the aim of enlightening the community on the pros and cons about sexual reproductive health, he stressed that the motivation behind this is from an increased number of teenage pregnancy during the lockdown period, and therefore there is need for an awareness to be created in the community where we have males who are in their sexual active years and women who are in their child bearing age.

He added that with the help of reaching a hand being a part of the outreach team, that the goal of educating them will be achieved and this will go ahead to shape their thinking for a lifetime when it comes to sexual activities and understanding of their reproductive system.

He added that aside from the items for donation, they were able to secure with the aid of Reach a Hand on the spot learning aids which the community can easily relate with while we educate them on how to go about their sexual reproductive health and its activities.

Highlight of the introductory meeting was the Chairman getting to know the outreach team and the presentation of IUEA Flyers, Box of Condoms and packets of Sanitary pads to the office of the Chairman.

The outreach activity began in earnest as the team set into the community, donating condoms to the boda men and everyone they came across, the community gathered in 3 different locations where the outreach team met and held health talks with them. Indeed it was a lovely experience watching the host community learn from the session. Reach a Hand, brought on board its wealth of experience in the field and delivered professionally on the health talks.

The Outreach team gave out to the community IUEA Flyers; alongside flyers that talked about sexual health each had the English version and the Luganda version. The Outreach team gave out over 200 packets of sanitary pads and 5,000 packets of Condoms. The event which lasted for hours was able to positively impact the lives of the people in the targeted 1.5 kilometre area.

In the Guild President closing remarks at their last meeting point before they departed to the chairman’s office for refreshment, the Guild President His Excellency James, Ukemeobong Okon Thanked the community for coming out in large number not only to receive the donated items, but to support the Sexual health movement which is geared towards making the society a better place.

He said this outreach is a step in the right direction for the Guild community to connect well with its host community, as he believed it’s one of the ways to ensure the safety and security of its students residing in the community, he promise them that the Guild office has the interest of the community at heart, and will be back someday in a different, bigger and better way.

By: Onesmus Atukunda

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