IUEA hosts premier Oil and Gas Expo 2023: showcasing insights into the industry

The International University of East Africa (IUEA) hosted the first annual oil and gas expo on the 28th and 29th of April, 2023. Executed under the resounding theme of “Unveiling the careers and training opportunities in the Oil and Gas sector in Uganda,” the event attracted different companies from the oil and gas industry who were in attendance to engage with students from various universities in the country. The aim of the event was to create awareness about the oil and gas industry and to provide a platform for students to interact with professionals in the field.
IUEA hosts premier Oil and Gas Expo 2023
Experts in the field of Oil & Gas at the 2023 Expo

What is an Oil and Gas Expo?

An oil and gas expo, also known as an oil and gas exhibition or trade show, is a specialised event that brings together industry professionals, companies, organisations, and stakeholders from the oil and gas sector. It serves as a platform for showcasing the latest technological advancements, products, services, and solutions in the oil and gas industry.

The event kicked off on the 28th of April with an opening ceremony that was attended by representatives from various companies, government officials, and students. The Vice-Chancellor of IUEA, Professor Emeka Akaezuwa, gave a welcoming address and emphasized the importance of such events in creating a platform for students to learn from industry experts. He also highlighted the significance of the oil and gas industry in the country’s economic growth.

“We will do everything possible to assure the contractors, all those involved in the industry, the Minister, that the skilled people you will be getting out of IUEA will meet the highest standards.”

– Said the Vice Chancellor IUEA, Prof. Emeka Akaezuwa.
Prof. Emeka Akaezuwa, the esteemed Vice Chancellor, sets the stage aglow with his heartfelt welcome address.

The first day of the expo saw a series of presentations by the different companies in attendance. These presentations focused on various aspects of the oil and gas industry, such as exploration, production, and distribution. The companies also showcased some of their products and services. Students had the opportunity to ask questions and engage with the presenters during the Q&A sessions that followed each presentation.

The Panelists for the Expo

  • Omar Farouk  Ibrahim, PhD- Secretary General of the African Petroleum Producers’ Organisation(APPO)
  • Mariam Nampeera Mbowa- Deputy General Manager, Total Energies EP Uganda
  • Olivier Foulonneau- Local & National Content Manager EACOP
  • Peninah Aheebwa- Director for Economic and National Content Monitoring at the Petroleum Authority of Uganda
  • Babra Karungi- National Content and Social Responsibility Manager
  • Nick Tuma- Human Resource Manager for East and Southern Africa at SLB
  • David J Bishop- National Content Manager, Worley
  • Matia Bagatya- Qualified educationist and Procurement expert
  • Reham Mustafa- Busoga International 
  • Patrick Kabahanga Mbonye- Human Capital Management and Development Practitioner (OGTAU)
  • Paul Sserubiri- Key Account Manager for Oil and Gas Projects at Orion & True North JV.
  • Atim Sandra- National Content Manager at Excel Construction Ltd
  • Jackie Kamunyu- Human Resource Consultant at Aldelia & HR Beyond Limits Ltd
  • Dr. Simon Echegu- Lecturer Dept. of Geology and Petroleum Studies, Makerere University, And many others…
The training partners’ panel

Some of the topics discussed 

  • Available and upcoming opportunities within the Industry
  • Available training capacity
  • Industry Uptake levels
  • Challenges faced by the Industry
  • Recruitment process
  • Internship programs

On the second day of the expo, students had the chance to visit the different company booths and interact with the representatives. This was an opportunity for students to learn more about the industry and to network with professionals in the field. The companies also organised a quiz to engage the students and to create a fun learning environment.

The event was a great success, and the students who attended expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to learn from industry experts. They also appreciated the chance to network and to learn about the different career opportunities available in the oil and gas industry. The companies in attendance also praised the event and expressed their satisfaction with the level of engagement from the students.

Some of the engineers during the event
A student (left) asking the panellists a question 

One of the most notable highlights of the 2023 Expo encompassed an exquisite dance executed by the South Sudanese student committee of IUEA, dedicated to none other than the esteemed Minister of Energy and Mineral Development, Honorable Ruth Nankabirwa Ssentamu. The mesmerising performance exuded sheer brilliance, evoking an undeniable sense of awe that graced the minister’s countenance with an unmistakable smile of immense satisfaction.

Hon. Ruth Nankabirwa (middle) with the South Sudanese student committee of IUEA

The Minister of Energy and Mineral Development, Hon. Minister Ruth Nankabirwa also emphasised their efforts as the Government of Uganda to boost Employment.

“To further promote the Employment of Ugandans, the Government has established the National Oil and Gas Registrar, this is an online Application System that promotes the visibility of the available Talent in the country for employability.” -Said Hon. Minister Ruth Nankabirwa.

Hon. Ruth Nankabirwa (middle) with the South Sudanese student committee of IUEA

As exemplified by its past achievements, IUEA has established a prominent presence in the realm of innovation and engineering, substantiating its reputation as a leader in the field. This can be evidenced by the paper recycling tech created to save 19 trees per metric ton.

In conclusion, the IUEA oil and gas expo was a great success and a valuable platform for students to learn from industry experts and network with field professionals. Such events play a crucial role in creating awareness about the industry and in equipping students with the necessary skills and knowledge to pursue careers in the oil and gas industry. We look forward to more such events in the future.

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