Minister Mohamed Bare Mohamud

Minister Mohamed Bare Mohamud graciously attended a welcoming event thrown in his honour at the International University of East Africa. The event was a celebration of Somali culture with a theme geared towards “A brighter future for the nation of Somalia”. After having already extended five full scholarships to the federal government of Somalia, the university yet again expressed its pride in having a diverse student body.

Minister Mohamed Bare Mohamud takes a tour of the university’s state-of-the-art facilities

The event began with the minister touring the campus grounds guided by our very own Somali Students Association. An opportunity for the minister to see first-hand the facilities used by the Somali students the university has been entrusted with. The lush university gardens, the futuristic E-mobility lab, the IUEA technology library, the grand sports complex and the smart-class rooms were only a few of the sites the tour encompassed. 

The tour was not simply a presentation of facilities but an exchange of ideas as well. As the Somali Minister was taken around the campus by our Somali Student Association, they engaged in a productive dialogue with His Excellency about how to best prepare the Somali leaders of tomorrow.“Education is the key to the future” Said Minister Mohamed Bare Mohamud while addressing the media. 

The bulk of the event took place in the auditorium steeped in Somali national pride. From the music to the décor, the event was rich with authentic and undiluted Somali culture. The adorable mini-flags, the upbeat Somali music and the blue and white balloons gave the event a celebratory feel that created an air of excitement during the event. What made the event truly authentic, however, were the efforts of the IUEA Somali community and not just behind the scenes but through their attendance and speeches.

The Speakers take to the stage

The event consisted of different speakers expressing their excitement regarding the job prospects and collaboration opportunities that await them. Having students of different nationalities speaking about their hope for a bright future for the nation of Somalia, conveyed the university’s dedication to global unity. 

“We, the university, hold cultural Galas to bring societies, of different cultures, together.”

– Said Miss Kamboi Naomi, IUEA Marketing Manager while addressing the media

The Speakers at the event

  • The Somali Students Association in IUEA President
  • The Minister 
  • The NYP Representative
  • The IUEA Assistant HR

The event drew to a close with His Excellency, Minister Mohamed Bare Mohamud expressing his gratitude for such a warm reception.

“I would like to thank IUEA for allowing Somali youth to learn in such a conducive environment”

Said Minister Mohamed Bare Mohamud while on stage

After all the speeches had concluded, his Excellency thanked the university and student body as well as gave the students of IUEA a gracious invitation to the esteemed National Youth Conference in Somalia. This was quite the honour and arguably the climax of the event.


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