Shafik Kiwanuka, wins the 2022 UBC Intercontinental Heavyweight fight against  Argentina’s Nestor Fabian

Shafik Kiwanuka was declared the new UBC Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion after a 1-minute knockout of his opponent, Insaurralde Nestor Fabian.
Shafik Kiwanuka, wins the 2022 UBC

Argentina’s heavyweight boxer, Nestor Fabian Insaurralde, suffered a surprise defeat against Uganda’s Shafik Kiwanuka on Friday, July 8th, 2022, at the International University of East Africa (IUEA) auditorium.

At the sound of the first round starting bell, Insaurralde confidently made theme for the first move and threw a couple of jabs that he thought might have caught Kiwanuka off guard.

A 10-round bout was supposed to occur between the two heavyweight giants, but it ended in just 1 minute of round 1.

This was the quickest knockout in this year’s boxing event, following several interesting undercard fights. 

A glancing left hook from the Ugandan “Killing Machine” took Insaurralde off his feet for what was to be the beginning of an unforgettable night for the Argentinian.

Nestor thought he could set up the knockout with his powerful left jab but was caught off-guard when Shafik Kiwanuka unleashed his deadly right hook to send him to the canvas.

 Nestor tumbles to the canvas after receiving a “Killing” blow from Shafik Kiwanuka.

The dizzy Argentinian managed to get back on his feet after the first blow, but as he tried to find his balance, another left hook landed on his head before the Great Strikers’ Kiwanuka finished him with a strong right overhand. 

Shafik Kiwanuka finishes Nestor with a solid right overhand

As Fabian staggered to kiss the canvas, his coach, Orlando Farias, ran to his rescue, but after a few seconds, we saw him signal the referee in defeat. 

Nestor’s Coach and doctor in his rescue

Nestor’s one-minute performance was a blow to boxing fans. With such a vast travelling distance and a high boxing record, anyone would expect Nestor Insaurralde to put up a better fight, but he didn’t stand a chance against the “Killing Machine.” 

At exactly 2:15 AM EST, Shafik was declared the winner of the 2022 Universal Boxing Council (UBC) Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship after Nestor Fabian and his coach gave up the game.

Shafik Kiwanuka and fans after being announced the winner

Kiwanuka’s knockout win saw him retain his title as WBF Africa Heavyweight Champion and earn himself a mandatory world ranking by the World Boxing Council.

“I was motivated ahead of this fight, and I am glad I haven’t let my fans down. Thank you all for the amazing support. I am proud of this victory. I respect my opponent and thank my family and friends. IUEA gave me endless support. I hope to take on the world’s most fearless.

A jubilant Kiwanuka said after the fight.

Shafik Kiwanuka’s boxing talent has given him a name in Uganda’s boxing industry and paved the way for him. He is also an official member of Uganda’s Great Strikers boxers. 

This is the second time he has picked up a win in the IUEA Auditorium following his 2019 debut against Zimbabwe’s Thamsanga Dube, where he grabbed the title of WBF Africa Heavyweight Championship. Kiwanuka’s recent fight ended in a draw against South Africa’s Chris Thompson in Da es Salaam last year.

Shafik Kiwanuka is also among the hundreds of IUEA sports scholarship beneficiaries. He is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, working equally hard to ensure he graduates.

Kiwanuka’s victory overjoyed the IUEA fraternity, and his fellow students danced and waved their hands in celebration as one of their own had once more made them proud.

Shafik Kiwanuka’s fans

IUEA is an award-winning private university in East Africa. It welcomes all students regardless of their status or race and has strived to provide a calm environment for each student to pursue their dreams. 

IUEA’s marketing team leader, Mr Isabirye Nicholas, confirmed that admissions for the 2022 August Intake are already in progress.

We are proud to welcome everyone to our 2022 August intake. IUEA is such a great supporter of talent, and we give out several scholarships. I want to assure you all that IUEA is the best private university in Uganda you can think of.

Mr Isabirye proudly said. 

By: IUEA Connect

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