TETRIX: Ugandan Student Excels In Global Brain Competition

The International University of East Africa (IUEA) is celebration a milestone achieved by one of its students during a college challenge held in Brazil.
Ugandan Student Excels In Global Brain Competition

In the third edition of the challenge, known as TETRIX, hosted in Rio De Janeiro last week, Hussain Akil Bharmal, a student of Information and Communications Technology, emerged fourth in a brain competition which attracted 154.000 participants from 84 countries across the world.

TETRIX promoted by VTEX, a digital commerce platform for enterprise brands and retailers, and sponsored by a range of multilateral companies, is purposed at connecting university and college talents with the growing digital transformation, as well as being an opportunity for developing unusual skills and promoting cultural exchange among participating students.

It is also intended at identifying new talents aspiring for digital careers and connecting the with companies seeking exceptionally skilled personalities

“I want to encourage other students to participate in the next competition.”

Hussain Bharmal
Hussain Akil Bharmal.

The semifinal and final phases of the competition brought together 24 college students from nine countries – Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, India, Mexico, Peru, Uganda and Zimbabwe.

The final contest of six was won by a Chilean student, Francisca Avaria. Brazilian Nivea Virgolino emerged second, Indian Nikita Machigani was in third place and Bharmal followed. In the inaugural edition, in 2019, TETRIX attracted 13,000 participants from Brazil alone.

Late year, the contest extended to include students from Latin America, attracting 75,000 students and recent graduates.

IUEA resident director Hassan Alwi Junior said:

“We are always happy to see our students using platform to do great things, especially when it comes to representing IUEA and Uganda”.

– Hassan Alwi Junior

By: Nelson Kiva

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