Ms Lucrezia Biteete

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Idea: Why is building confidence key for digital transformation?

“Digital transformation is really about learning new skills. it’s about skills and tools that we use to interact with the world around us. 

And those skills and tools keep changing, And in technology, they change at a very very rapid pace”

Ms Biteete tells of how training youth with confidence embedded in their learning is important for digital transformation.

Biography :

Ms Lucrezia Biteeteholds a deep love for building companies, with this passion, she armed herself with all knowledge about the complexities of leadership. This knowledge helped her build Refectory. An Innovative training offering for aspiring IT professionals in Uganda.

After her move to Uganda, her biggest win was Laboremus. A software development consultancy in banking and Finance that helped serve banks both in the Scandinavian region and Uganda.

She has worked as Chairperson of the board of an NGO-The Fontes Foundation and for-profit consultancy Fontes Uganda.

She has served as Chairperson of the Nordic Business Association in Uganda for 2 years and is a sitting board member of YME Jibu a social enterprise in Goma DRC.

Ms Lucrezia is currently part of the board in Walindi point. A company developing a staycation destination on an island in Lake Victoria.

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