Director of Graduate Studies and Research

Job Description

Job Description: Coordinate the University’s graduate studies and research programs in line with institutional objectives and vision

Main duties and responsibilities:

To co-ordinate the development and establishment of graduate study programs in line with the overall University Strategic Plan.

To support and strengthen the research profile of the institution and the development of key research areas

To facilitate the admission of graduate students and ensure that minimum entry qualifications are met by all potential students.

To oversee the conduct and administration of all graduate programs, including teaching, supervision, research, examinations, awarding of graduate degrees, diplomas and certificates, and the caliber of academic staff who participate in the teaching and supervision of graduate students.

To promote the fostering of post-doctoral research by developing and establishing a fellowship programme

To seek funding from external sources to support graduate studies and postgraduate research.

To carry out any other functions pertaining to graduate studies and postgraduate research as the Senate may direct from time to time.

To promote a lively academic atmosphere in the University by organizing seminars, talks and conferences for graduate students and early career researchers.

As a member of the senior management team, participate in the general management of the University through a wide variety of decision-making processes

Any other duties as may be assigned by the Vice Chancellor from time to time.

Job Requirements & Performance Indicators:

Determined by the University Statutes and Vice Chancellor

Level of communication:

The Vice Chancellor

The Management Board

All other internal channels of communication


Senior Administration

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