IUEA Update on When School Will Reopen

Dear IUEA students

Greetings to you and to your family. We, IUEA, continue to think of you during this difficult time. We continue to hope that this difficult time will soon pass so you can resume your studies, post Coronavirus. Though we have not seen each other for over two months, out of sight is not out of mind. We continue to value you and continue to think of you and wish you and your family well wherever you are. Before the update, I want to urge you to continue to observe the basic Coronavirus health guidelines: maintain social distancing, wash your hands with soap and water frequently or use a hand sanitizer where there is no soap and water and finally, to wear a protective mask.

As you know or may have heard, President Museveni addressed the nation on 1st June 2020, regarding the Coronavirus induced lockdown. In his 1st June address, the president extended the closure of schools for another month, this means schools in Uganda will not reopen until July 2020.

In light of the updated address to the nation, IUEA will comply with the president’s extension of school closures and will remain closed. In the meantime, IUEA continues to work tirelessly to ensure that whenever schools reopen, you will 1) come back to a safe environment and 2) that between now and when school reopens, you will be provided the support you need to continue self-study. To this end, I will like to remind you to check on Moodle, our online learning platform, for class notes, PowerPoint presentations and other helpful content that will allow you to independently continue your studies online – wherever you are.

On our side, we have already done the following:

  1. Setup all classrooms for social distancing
  2. Reorganized class schedules to ensure that all classes run properly on day one
  3. Made provisions for soap and water and hand sanitizers on campus
  4. Encouraged final year students who can work on their final year projects online, to continue to do so and to contact their supervisors via email, WhatsApp, etc. when they need assistance

IUEA will continue to monitor the situation and will keep you updated as to when the school will reopen. As has been the process so far, the president will update the nation again either at the end of June or in early July. It is only after the president has updated the nation that we can inform you of our next steps, so please keep checking the IUEA website for official communication.

I thank you very much for your patience and support. Stay safe till we meet again.


Emeka Akaezuwa, Ph.D.