About IUEA

The International University of East Africa (IUEA) is a private University licensed by the Uganda National Council for Higher Education (NCHE), and draws Students from the rest of the world. Our multicultural and international environment consists of a student body and staff who bring on board various experience and dynamisms in their work.
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We Are The TECHNOLOGICAL University Of Choice In Africa

About Our Programs

IUEA offers many programmes that lead to certificate,Diploma,Undergraduate and Post-graduate degrees.IUEA also offers the international Foundation Programme (IFP),CISCO,special language classes, certificate in short courses and diploma that prepare students for both employment and entry into degree programmes.

All certificates,Diplomas and degree are designed to ensure that the students get maximum expertise in the use of technology and complete their programmes armed with(as our mission states)an excellent education that includes practical experience and skills for employment and entrepreneurship.

We Are International

IUEA has students from diverse nationalities pursuing various program; ie Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Cameroon, South Sudan, Somalia, Sudan, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Nigeria, America, Madagascar, Zambia, Liberia, Chad, Egypt, Malawi, Iran, India, Canada, Philipine, South America, UAE, Saudi Arabia, New zealand, Holland, etc. ‘What makes IUEA unique?

Community Outreach

The IUEA Project team will continuously engage in its efforts in impacting the communities living in and around our catchment area. We will integrate social and environmental concerns, as well as voluntary interaction with stakeholders, in an effort to ‘enhance the quality of life of the local community along with our ongoing project initiatives.

‘Our objective is to prioritize needs and devise means and ways of implementing comprehensive programs for sustainable development in partnership with locals & stakeholders to ensure & facilitate inclusive growth. We are committed to managing business processes in such a manner as to produce an overall positive impact on society for building trust and acceptance.

The aim is to proactively promote public interest by encouraging community growth & development. Much of this work will be through local need assessment and subsequent design and roll out of comprehensive development plans in partnership with the Government, NGOs and our local communities. These, so far, may be broadly divided into the following categories:

  • Community Health
  • Education
  • Livelihood Programs
  • Sports & Cultural Activities

Going forward, we wish to expand and extend our sphere of work by continuing to integrate social and environmental responsibility, reaffirming our cornmitment to our enduring relationship with our stakeholders.

We have Certificates, Diplomas, Undergraduate and Post-Graduate Degrees.

We admit students from all nationalities. Contact our advisers to find out how we can help you


  • Excellent university education at affordable fees
  • Emphasis on practical experience and skills,
  • Small class sizes (low ratio of students to lecturer)
  • Modern lecture rooms equiped with projectors
  • All degree students are handed free laptops
  • Free Wifi on campus
  • Lecture notes and slides available on e-learning platform
  • Superb library of books and electronic resources
  • Top professors and lecturers from around the world


  • Outstanding engineering labs and computer labs
  • CISCO Academy
  • Language Center that includes superior communication skills for all
  • New Professional skills center
  • The largest auditorium in Uganda
  • A thriving intellectual and multi-cultural international environment
  • Sports facilities for everyone
  • Full access for persons with disabilities


  • Tell +256 200 405 222:
  • Toll Free : 800 335 335
  • Mobile : (+256) 770 564 247 (+256) 705 722 300
  • e-mail : info@iuea.ac.ug admission@iuea.ac.ug


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