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About the faculty

We are the Centre of Languages and Professional Skills. Our aim is to offer world class language and professional skills courses for our students and the wider market.


  • Create relevant, in demand programmes appropriate for the local and regional market 
  • Provide academic and professional support for IUEA students and staff
  • Use dynamic technological learning strategies to facilitate student learning 
  • Meet international standards and expectations of language learning
  • Enhance the University’s reputation by offering a diversity of programmes that improve competencies in languag es and professional skills for IUEA students and the local market. 
  • Assist the University’s administration and different Faculty needs through testing and facilitation of academic and professional skills training.

Introduction to english

English is the most widely spoken global language and very important for students pursuing higher education. CLAPS at IUEA aims to support students entering their higher education by offering world class and context appropriate English language instruction to prepare them for live long learning .
Our English programme uses both linguistic as well as communicative approaches to language learning so that students can take advantage of learning English and then using it in an English speaking country .
English courses include Beginner, Elementary and Intermediate and are based on the Common European Framework reference of Languages. Student class sizes are small to improve the learning experience. english beginner (A1) 140 hours This course provides learners with essential English language skills, vocabulary and grammatical structures required to successfully communicate at a beginner to elementary level of English. Learners will build confidence using all language skills of listening, speaking, writing and reading English using real world contexts and scenarios to apply new knowledge . The curricula is based on skills required to meet CEFr A1 in English .

Our Vision

To be a leading Centre of Languages and Professional Development for the higher education market in East Africa.

Our Mission

•To provide IUEA stakeholders with relevant, modern and comprehensive programmes of study, and provide access to facilities to meet the language and professional needs of a globalising market.



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