Certificate in Preparing for the Bar Course

Course Overview

Duration: 3 Months
Location: Online & On-Campus
  • Course Fee: $300
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Course Description

This short course is a refresher and remedial course on the fundamental principles of law across the core subjects taught on the LLB. Whereas the LLB focuses on the theory of the law, students are thereafter thrown into the unfamiliar territory of learning the nuts and bolts of legal practice, which they must undertake before becoming eligible to enrol into the Ugandan Bar. In order to prepare students for that sophisticated and fast-paced academic challenge, this short course begins by refreshing the students’ memory of the core concepts of law before turning to the practical and procedural aspects of law, focusing on the subjects and challenging concepts that law students will meet at their next academic level.

Certificate in Preparing for the Bar Course
Course Modules
  1. Commercial Law & Procedure 

  • Law of Business Associations: Sole Proprietorship; Partnerships; Companies; and Insolvency

  • Employment Law

  • Banking & Negotiable Instruments 

  • Law of Sale of Goods

  • Intellectual Property Law 

  • Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets 

  1. Land Law & Procedure 

  • Land Tenure Systems 

  • Registration of Land 

  • Transfer of Land: Voluntary Transfer & Vesting Orders; Doctrine of Notice; Fraud in Land Transactions; Remedies against Individuals, the Registrar of Titles & the Government for Fraudulent and/or Wrongful Transfer/Transaction of Land

  • Interests in Land: Caveats; Easements; Covenants & Public Rights

  • Bonafide & Lawful Occupants 

  • Leases

  • Mortgages

  • Expropriation of Land

  • Departed Asians’ Properties

  1. Family Law & Procedure

  • Marriages: Process; Validity; and Dissolution 

  • Children: Guardianship; Adoption; Parenthood; and Maintenance

  • Succession: Testacy; Intestacy; Administration; and Probate

  • Special Issues in the Family Context: Missing Persons & Mentally Ill Persons

  1. Civil Procedure

  • Legal Foundations & Methods

  • Ugandan civil legal system

  • Civil jurisdiction of courts 

  • Burden of proof in civil proceedings

  • Standard of proof in civil proceedings

  • Contracts & Procedure

  • Key aspects in contract law: contract formation; performance; breach; frustration & force majeure; and termination 

  • Plaints in civil proceedings 

  • Parties in civil proceedings

  • Causes of action in civil proceedings

  • Summons in civil proceedings

  • Service in civil proceedings

  • Written Statements of Defense in civil proceedings

  • Summary plaint in civil proceedings

  • Originating summons in civil proceedings

  • Small claims procedure 

  • Types of judgments in civil proceedings

  • Administrative Law & Procedure

  • Judicial review & procedure

  • Civil proceedings by & against the government, parastatals & statutory bodies 

  • Torts & Procedure

  • Key aspects in the law of torts: negligence; nuisance; the rule in Rylands v Fletcher; defamation; occupiers’ liability; vicarious liability; and assault & battery.

  • Interlocutory applications in civil proceedings

  • Consolidation of suits in civil proceedings

  • Death as a cause of action in civil proceedings

  • Constitutional Law

  • Key aspects in constitutional law: principles of constitutional law; structure of constitutions; structure of government; constitutional offices; and human rights protection

  • Constitutional petitions

  • Constitutional references;

  • Human rights enforcement;

  • Appeals in civil proceedings

  • Execution in civil proceedings

  1. Criminal Law & Procedure

  • Legal Foundations & Methods

  • Ugandan criminal legal system

  • Criminal jurisdiction of courts

  • Burden of proof in criminal proceedings

  • Standard of proof in civil proceedings 

  • Key Aspects in Criminal Law: The Offences of Murder, Manslaughter & Theft

  • Parties in criminal proceedings

  • Investigations in criminal proceedings

  • Searches, arrest & detention in criminal proceedings

  • Police statements in criminal proceedings

  • Key Aspects in Criminal Law: The Offences of Rape & Defilement

  • Charge sheets

  • Summons

  • Confessions in criminal proceedings

  • Admissions in criminal proceedings

  • Arraignment in criminal proceedings

  • Committal in criminal proceedings

  • Key Aspects in Criminal Law: The Offences of Aggravated Defilement; Robbery & Aggravated Robbery

  • Viva voche in criminal proceedings

  • Case to answer in criminal proceedings

  • Defenses in criminal proceedings: Involuntary Intoxication; Provocation; Diminished Responsibility; Self-Defense; and Duress 

  • Key Aspects in Criminal Law: Statutory Offences

  • Special charge sheets

  • Plea bargaining in criminal proceedings 

  • Sentencing in criminal proceedings 

  • Appeals in criminal proceedings 

  1. Tax Law

  2. Accounting for Lawyers 

  3. Lawyers & Management

  4. Drafting Legal Documents

  5. Lawyers’ Ethics

  6. Drafting Statutes & Regulations

  7. Judicial Ethics & Proceedings 

  8. Civil Service

  9. Corporate Law & Practice

  10. Public Aid & Pro Bono

  11. Writing a Research Paper

  12. Mooting

  • Law of Evidence in Civil Proceedings 

  • Law of Evidence in Criminal Proceedings 

  • Training for Commercial Proceedings Mooting

  • Training for Civil Proceedings Mooting

  • Training for Criminal Proceedings Mooting

  • Training for Land Proceedings Mooting

  • Training for Family Proceedings Mooting

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