With the theme, ‘the interface of Politics and the Law’, a case study of the Age limit case begging the question –When do courts allow politics to subsume the law? IUEA launched a law society in a graceful event.

As Karl Max said, The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it.” IUEA Law society was tasked to act upon the principles and vision of its founders to realise a changing world.


International University of East Africa Law Society Launch 1

The event was graced by 280 attendees with Deputy chief Justice Alphonse Owiny Dolo as the principal guest. Speeches focused on Law, politics, harmony in the three arms of government, the launch of a new society and how a law student can become successful and help in awakening the rest of society. The DCJ was not shy to pass a double-edged-sword advise to lawyers to be, citing that- “one always needs to be firm and delve into reality so as not to succumb to blackmail and making wrong decisions.”

International University of East Africa Law Society Launch 2

Furthermore, DCJ Alphonse Owiny Dolo appreciated work done on research and applauded the team for granting him a chance to speak out on the case many considered controversial. He was clear that public opinion courts should not be quick to judge, gauge and baptise the judiciary as corrupt yet not question the root of corruption.

A call of clarity to all Ugandans to know their rights, history and anticipate a great future was all over the DCJ’s speech. He challenged the country to reason and know that when a country is not sober, and functioning well, there is no way the law can sustain any single citizen citing neighbouring South Sudan and Somalia as examples.

Mr. Owiny Dolo continued to reiterate to the public that nobody was above the law emphasising to the learned that, “only those willing to sacrifice would be able to make it in the field of law”. Further noting that the Judiciary is part of the three arms of government and therefore cannot be isolated if the country is to function well.

More emphasis was focused on the ability of law society to develop frameworks. Frameworks that would not only add to their career as individuals but for the whole community. Creativity was restated at every turn as the world needs better people to lead on politics, law and technology.

International University of East Africa Law Society Launch 3

In his congratulatory message to the IUEA Law society cabinet and the legal fraternity, Dean faculty of Law identified Launching a law society as a watershed moment that would mark a fertile ground for all those interested in seeing a better, comprehensive and serene society.

International University of East Africa Law Society Launch 4

In addition, the vice-chancellor of IUEA Dr. Emeka in the same spirit was quick to remind law students of the ability to enjoy law school without being blind on what the future holds for them and generation to come reiterating that conviction and straight forward thinking were critical. Believing in one’s creator was a catalyst to success.

International University of East Africa Law Society Launch 5

Lecturers and deans were awarded a vote of thanks for knowledge, time and ability invested into the success of the law society. The event was ‘enlightenment’ to every Ugandan.

International University of East Africa Law Society Launch 6

International University of East Africa Law Society Launch 7

Lastly, the Law Society President prayed that the society stays focused and not listen to manipulators, who count on their emotional thought to control how they act. Noting that being sober was the order of the day as he concluded in the words of Malcom x “One day, may we all meet together in the light of understanding.”

By Samuel Aworu


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