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Dr Emeka Akaezuwa is Vice-Chancellor of the International University of East Africa (IUEA) in Kampala, Uganda since 2018. He was the Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology at the same university from 2014 and was a visiting scholar at the Paul Robeson Center at Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA. He was the recipient of the 2013 New Jersey Governor Jefferson Award for Outstanding Community Service and was inducted into the Rutgers University African American Hall of Fame.

Dr Akaezuwa earned his PhD in Information Systems and Structures at Rutgers University, USA and filed a patent (US PATENT US20070130370) on portable systems. The 71 claims in the patent are used by all major technology companies to store, index, search, retrieve, navigate, display and connect to data on smartphones, tablets, and on any portable device – smart or dumb. He is currently working on three major technical innovations: The Four Skills Model for Developing Innovative and Sustainable Technological Foundation in Africa; The SET Innovation Method, A framework for rapidly developing national technical capabilities and on Knowledge Sets – a new Big Data Analytics approach to knowledge retrieval based on Micro Time. The new approach changes our relationship to information from finding information using keywords to find documents to retrieving knowledge, not documents.

In addition to his inventions, Dr Akaezuwa has served as a technology and academic consultant to many organizations in Africa, Asia, Europe, North America and in South America. He has worked as a curriculum consultant for Pearson, UK; for Canada Institute for Scientific and Technical Information (CISTI) in Ottawa; Ministry of Education, Brazil; for Universidad Autonoma de Mexico in Mexico; for Tsinghua Consortia in China among others.

Dr Akaezuwa’s invention, Search OS software has won numerous international awards for innovation. The software is included in the computer encyclopedia as a significant contribution to software engineering.  Dr Akaezuwa was christened a “Search Wizard” in 2009. He received an award from the US Navy for developing the Torpedo Information Retrieval System. He also received an award from Dow Jones and Company, USA, for designing the world’s largest business information retrieval system. In 2011 Dr Akaezuwa was recognized by the Randfontein Local Municipality of South Africa for his work in education.

Dr Akaezuwa Founded businesses in the USA and is CEO of Gaviri Technologies, Inc. He founded Gaviri Technologies to create the next-generation search technology. He is featured in Black Entrepreneurs Profile. Before founding Gaviri Technologies, Dr Akaezuwa worked as Director of Digital Libraries at Elsevier where he was involved in developing the world’s largest science, technology and medical online information retrieval system. He has implemented numerous large-scale information retrieval systems for governments, universities and corporations worldwide. He built critical systems for Canada’s national information retrieval system for Science and Technology; for Tsinghua Consortium’s scientific information system. Tsinghua Consortium is composed of 100 of the best universities in China. In addition, he implemented the information retrieval systems used by Universidad Autonoma de Mexico in Mexico; the Brazilian national research system; the internal information system used by Los Alamos National Laboratories in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA; for the state of Ohio (Ohio-Link); for Yale University; Michigan University; AT&T’s OnePage; Aventis Pharmaceuticals information system among others.

Dr Akaezuwa is a founding Trustee of the Global Literacy Project –, — a USA non-profit organization that fosters community-based literacy initiatives throughout the world. The Global Literacy Project has shipped over 2 million books to communities in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean.