Law Society Launch


IUEA Law Society is a Multi-racial Students’ Forum at IUEA Faculty of Law envisioning to bridge law students of diverse backgrounds, Faculty of Law staff, IUEA Administration and the Alumni network with a common interest in perspectives of Law, high intellectual Skills, business oriented career opportunities and entrepreneurial skills, contemporary political ideologies, contemporary law concepts and legal practice in Uganda, East Africa, Africa and the International community.
It thus follows this wide range of interest that this society has been preferably described as a ”Society of Reason”.

The IUEA Law Society mission statement is to serve as a bridge between Ugandan, East African, African Legal community and the IUEA Law School Community.

Our bridge is aimed at assisting learning lawyers to break barriers and go beyond minimum standards in establishing themselves as reputable lawyers in fields of Politics and Governance, judicial activism, democracy and electoral democracy activism, legislation, commerce, academia, entrepreneurship, Research, investigative journalism, legal consultants, litigation, human rights and social justice activism, trade law, civil society capacity building, financial banking, Dispute Resolution Mechanisms, Information Technology Law, Energy Law, Oil and Gas Sector and Air Space Science.

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