Prof. Dr. José Manuel Pagés Madrigal (PhD) dean faculty of engineering at IUEA
Prof. Dr. José Manuel Pagés Madrigal (PhD)
Dean, Faculty of Engineering

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Professor of Architecture and Urban Design with special attention to transversal and territorial studies. His academic activities in the fields of urban and regional planning have gained steadily over the past three decades in various universities in Europe, South America and the Middle East. This activity was developed in parallel with invitations to co-coordinate high qualified International PhD programs, like the Quality of design-QuoD, as the first European Ph Program in Architecture leaded by IUAV in Venice-Italy). 

The concept of territory as a research laboratory has prevailed in areas such as border areas, conflict territories, and shrinking spaces in the different territorial and urban scales, with special attention to Mediterranean port cities, slum problems and the urban regeneration of dense cities. The creation and management of the Observatory of Public Policies and Territory (2009), reinforced this transversal and applied research character, with a special focus on mobility and built environmental topics. 

During these years the pedagogic activity was shared with management positions in several Portuguese Universities. The chair of the Department of Architecture of the Universidade Moderna – Lisbon (1999-2007) and the presidency of Institutions as Dinensino (2007-2008) are the most remarkable in the past. His previous activity in Eastern Mediterranean countries run in Lebanon, as visiting professor at Beirut Arab University (2011-2013) and Chairman of the Department of Architecture and Interior Design of the Lebanese American University (2013-2015). 

In a parallel way, he has shared the academic activity with his functions as Associate Professor in Urban and Territorial planning at the University of Genoa, since 2013 and full professor at German University in Cairo since 2016. As dean of the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Design at this last University (2019-2022). José Manuel Pagés renews his compromise with the Contemporaneity in the African continent. His previous duties as a member of the National Board of ICOMOS-UNESCO in Spain and counselling missions for Institutions like the Union for the Mediterranean, 100 RC – Rockefeller Foundation and OSCE mission in Kosovo must continue in the Egyptian country for the next years.

He joined the International University of East Africa (IUEA) in September 2022 as the Acting Dean, the Faculty of Engineering.


  • PhD in Urbanism(University of Sevilla-Spain) 1995

  • MSc Bioclimatic Architecture (University of Sevilla-Spain) 1992

  • Post-Doctorate in UFR Faculty of Human Sciences and Arts at Metz University. 2005

  • BSc Architecture and Urban design (La Coruña University - Spain) 1987


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