Bachelor of Architecture

Programme Overview

Duration: 5 Years (10 Semesters)
Online & On-Campus Fees Per Semester
  • - Ugandan $900
    - International $1,090

For more information about fees please refer to our tuition and fees structure page.

Course Overview

The IUEA Department of Architecture and Design is meant to nurture and inspire design-minded students. Architecture students are trained to demonstrate a firm foundation of critical thinking, ethical behaviour, and a culture of professional practice on their way to becoming socially responsible design leaders for our global society. Our Architecture Programme teaches students both the foundation of the profession as well as the advanced theories and practical application of creating inspirational structures in a sustainable manner.

The architecture programme also focuses on preparing students to work in the field and therefore is not only theory-based. We emphasize practice through our studio culture to align with the IUEA curriculum that is built on evidence-based design and a project-based learning model.

Why a degree in Architecture?

Studies of Architecture are considered a bridge between engineering sciences and the arts. An Architecture degree from IUEA emphasizes design thinking and trains students in design processes and the latest technology used in the industry. The Architecture programme can also open up possibilities for careers in interior design, construction, building surveying, structural engineering, or landscape architecture.

Upon graduation from the IUEA Architecture programme students are able to;

  • Use the latest architecture software like AutoCAD,3D Max

  •  Accurately draw 3D design both by hand and by computer programmes

  • Gain access to professional bodies

  • Successfully take on construction projects

IUEAs architectural programme combines a necessary pre-professional focus, with the more profound skills of creative and critical thinking, to produce graduates who are ready to engage a complex world of architecture.

Diploma in Civil Engineering
Course Structure

Year 1 Semester 1 - BA

Year 1 Semester 2 - BA

Year 2 Semester 1 - BA

Year 2 Semester 2 - BA

Year 3 Semester 1 - BA

Year 3 Semester 2 - BA

Year 4 Semester 1 - BA

Year 4 Semester 2 - BA

Year 5 Semester 1 - BA

Year 5 Semester 2 - BA

Career Prospects

Graduates of the B. Arch programme are trained for careers in government and private sector construction companies, engineering and design firms as well as in education and consulting organisations nationally and internationally.

B. Arch graduates can work as architects, interior designers and design consultants, project managers in engineering firms and architects in design offices and furniture showrooms.

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