IUEA Faculty of Law

Our Bachelor of Laws Programme (LLB) is unique for offering course units that address today's challenges. In tune with the quickly evolving global landscape, this programme will equip students to solve real-world problems and consolidate existing solutions. By placing a strong emphasis on communication, business, and computer skills, our students will graduate with the profile that law firms and other employers look for in law graduates, in particular excellent writing and oral presentation, emotional intelligence, the capacity to work within deadlines, ability to work in teams and technological know-how.

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To be a fountain of excellent legal knowledge and skills and the edifice of legal education in Africa.


To provide an excellent legal education that includes practical legal and leadership skills.

Our Objectives

  • Have a sound understanding of law and legal institutions, so as to enable them to serve the needs of Uganda, East Africa and the international community;
  • Have high intellectual skills, particularly the ability to think analytically and critically, to solve legal and related problems, and to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing
  • Understand the social, political and economic foundations and perspectives of law
  • Appreciate the role of law in social development
  • Have a firm foundation for a variety of careers in public institutions, industry, commerce and the legal profession.
  • Have a firm foundation for further education, to extend their qualification to postgraduate status.
  • Have the requisite qualification to pursue professional qualifications in law, particularly necessary for legal practice, as required by the Uganda Law Development Centre or other such professional institutions of law.
Emmanuel Sebijjo, Dean Faculty of Law
Emmanuel Sebijjo Ssemmanda

Dean, Faculty of Law

Message to Prospective Students

Greetings future lawyers, and welcome to the Faculty of Law at the International University of East Africa – a training ground for the best emerging legal minds. My name is Emmanuel Sebijjo Ssemmanda and I would like to tell you about our Bachelor of Laws programme.

A lawyer – elsewhere called an attorney, barrister or solicitor – is a licensed professional who advises and represents clients in legal matters. Clients may range from individuals, companies and governments to parastatals, non-governmental organizations and international organizations. Equally, legal matters may range from business, land or family matters to constitutional, human rights or criminal matters

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To thoroughly understand how laws and legal systems work, and to emerge as the best legal minds, law students must choose the best legal training.


At our Faculty of Law, we provide exactly that. From Intellectual Property Law to Computers and the Law, you will learn about the most important resource of modern times: technology. From Constitutional Law to International Law, your thought process will be cultivated to dissect critical legal issues of democracy, governance and politics at home and on the international scene. From Contract Law to Banking Law, you will understand the legal principles underlying major business transactions and how they are financed. From Human Rights Law to Environmental Law, you will see how our individual liberties are regulated and how the future of our precious planet can best be protected. And from Petroleum Law to Mining Law, you will be introduced to the legal dynamics of our region’s most valuable discovery: Oil & Gas.


The International University of East Africa understands that Law students undertake significant research and require dedicated study space. Accordingly, the Faculty of Law has a well-stocked library exclusively reserved for Law students. We also understand that Law students must nurture their debating and advocacy skills from an early stage. On that account, the University has provided a well-designed Moot Court for our Law students. Academics aside, we understand the value of extra-curricular activities as well as social and networking skills to the full development of a Law student. As such, we have launched a student-led Law Society with the mandate to foster cohesion within Law Students through social events and special activities. This Society was launched by the Hon. Chief Justice, Alfonse Owiny-Dollo.


The jewel in the crown, however, is our impressive collection of remarkable legal practitioners and scholars who will groom your understanding of the Law in a delicate step-by-step process at every level of your four-year journey at our Faculty of Law.


It will be my greatest pleasure to welcome you onto our virtual campus and, in the future, through our doors, as you take your first step into a distinguished future of legal practice and scholarship at the International University of East Africa.


To learn more about the University and the Faculty of Law, visit our website at www.iuea.ac.ug or contact us through our social media platforms. Thank you.