Bachelor of Laws Programme (LLB)
Course Description

Our Bachelor of Laws Programme (LLB) is unique for offering course units that address today's challenges. In tune with the quickly evolving global landscape, this programme will equip students to solve real world problems and consolidate existing solutions. By placing a strong emphasis on communication, business and computer skills, our students will graduate with the profile that law firms and other employers look for in law graduates, in particular excellent writing and oral presentaion, emotioanl intelligence, capacity to work within deadlines, ability to work in teams and technological know-how.

Course Outline






Year I Sem I



LLB 1105

Legal Foundations


This course will introduce students to the study of law in Uganda, including classroom activities, revision techniques, coursework approach and examination approach for law. Students will learn about the nature of law, the law applicable in Uganda, sources of law and the legal system. Students will also learn about the legal profession, the hierarchy of courts, the doctrines of case law, citation of case law as well as the modern challenges and innovations in law worldwide. This course covers the first part of the students' introduction to law.

LLB 1106

Fundamentals of Criminal Law


This course introduces students to the criminal justice system. The course covers the legal principles and theories underlying crime and punishment. This course covers the first part of the study of Criminal Law.

LLB 1107

Law of Contracts I


This course examines the nature and style of commercial agreements. Students will learn how business commitments are formed in legal terms and the principles, protections or doctrines underlying contracts. This course covers the first part of the study of Contract Law.

LLB 1108

Principles of Constitutional Law I


This course examines the constitutional history from the pre-colonial state to the promulgation of the 1995 Constitution (as amended in 2005). This course covers the first part of the study of Constitutional Law.

LLB 1109

Computer Applications and Online Research


This course introduces students to basic computer applications. The course will provide students with knowledge and skills to use the computer to accomplish academic and work tasks.

LLB 1110

English & Communication Skills for Lawyers


This course is designed to support Year 1 Law students in their professional communication of legal information. It is also designed to improve students' ability to use English for the academic study of Law, through training in grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.






Year I Sem II



LLB 1205