How to choose the best University in Uganda?

Here are some questions you should sit down and ask yourself while choosing the best University in Uganda before you apply.
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After successfully completing your highschool or a certain course. You may want to upgrade your level of education, but choosing a good University might give you headaches. 

A university is almost the last step to your career goals before you get a professional job. It is where you will choose what profession you finally want to invest in.

1. Which course can I do at the University?

First, you must think of a good course you want to do. Once you have decided on a course based on your interests and maybe your parents and relatives, then, you can start your search.

Most private Universities In Uganda have limited courses and they usually specify in certain fields like Technology, Engineering, Business, and Law. International University of East Africa is very good when it comes to Technology. 

Science Students normally opt for Engineering and medicine courses, whereas Arts normally go for business [for example]. There are a number of courses you will discover in a University in Uganda that fits your budget and grades.

2. What does the University website contain?

A university website will help you a lot while looking for the best options. You will discover first hand information that will help you quickly come to a conclusion. 

Some Universities in Uganda carry out the blended mode of teaching, i.e, online and face to face learning, like the award winning International University of East Africa. It’s well known for its unique and user-friendly onlineU platform.

Another option would be the University contacts, or their social media. These are things you should not ignore while doing a background check.

3. Is the University accredited?

The most critical thing before you apply to any University in Uganda is it’s accreditation status by the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) of Uganda. The university itself must be accredited plus the programs they offer. So, How will you know? 
Simply, visit the NCHE website and search for the list of accredited Universities. If your choice appears in the list, well and good, consider the next item.

4. Do I qualify for the course?

The next item is about your qualifications. You may be desperate for a course, but your grades will not suffice.

Many students become puzzled after the admission list is released and begin to wonder why they did not appear. It is usually due to your grades; there is no way you will be denied admission to a University in Uganda if you have performed well. Some students may desire a bachelor’s degree, but their grades are only good enough for a diploma.

For a foreign student, getting an admission might be hard in a Public University depending on the education system of your country. 

If your High School certificate does not meet Uganda’s education system standards, you may be advised to begin with a certificate in Arts or Sciences, which will then serve as a Senior six equivalence.
The International University of East Africa (IUEA) provides students with an International foundation programme in Arts and Sciences to prepare them for a Bachelor’s degree.

5. How much is the tuition fee?

Here you look at the affordability. Will you or your parents or sponsors afford to pay the tuition? What about your cost of living? These are very important questions you must have answers to before informing others of your acceptance to a university in Uganda.

Determine the cost of tuition per semester and correlate it to your sponsors’ wallets. Brilliant students, on the other hand, are pretty fortunate when it comes to academic scholarships. Universities, both private and public, offer scholarships to academically smart students.

6. Will the University give me accommodation?

Your shelter and safety matters, it should be your top priority. Most Universities in Uganda have Hostels. A hostel is an accommodation facility meant for only students from a specific University. 

The fee is separate from your tuition and is cheaper when you have a roommate. Some hostels, especially for boys, can have even more than three roommates, depending on your choice.

However, some students may prefer to rent around the University, this is somewhat risky depending on the security of the area. You should always take a survey before cashing the Landlord.

Some University students may still choose to live with their families; after all, if they are close to campus, why not?

7. Is the teaching at the University good?

Always try and look out for testimonials from students, or from someone who has studied there before, a university Alumni is the best example. If they are lousy, then, anyway the choice is all yours. 

Study shows that most Public Universities in Uganda produce very good Doctors and teachers/Lecturers. So if you would like to specify in any of those, a public University should be your perfect choice.

It’s not about having a first class degree, what people will want to know is your capability to defend that degree.

8. Does the University have any International Students body?

Look out for the Student’s associations. When you are leaving your country, sometimes, you may think you will be the only one going to sit in that classroom. The night before any trip is always a fantasy to many.

There are many people you will meet from the same Country or village. The Student’s associations are meant to bring you together and to make you feel at home. 

International Universities in Uganda normally have different student’s associations and bodies, like the Uganda National Students association, Nigerian Students associations, Somali student’s association, Congolese Students association, to mention but just a few.

The same applies to courses, there are university clubs that connect Students of the same courses, an example is the Makerere Engineering society. It is where you will find Students from all years, including the Alumni. All these petty things  will help you learn with confidence.

By:  IUEA Connect

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