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The Faculty of Business and Management at IUEA offers a transformative learning experience, combining practical education, strategic thinking, and global perspectives

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Dr. Venkatesh Andavar

Dean, Faculty of Business & Management

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FBM Vision

Our vision is consistent with the aspirations of the university vision as a whole which is to be the number one choice for Business and Management in East and Central Africa.

FBM Mission

To produce socially responsible, globally thinking graduates through world-class education that integrates business and technology, fostering creativity, entrepreneurship, and practical solutions for a better world.

Dean's Message

Engineers are called to become important actors in the social and economic progress of the region. Their roles are essential for development. Today these roles are impregnated by sustainability and compatibility with the environment. They are the fundamentals to make, together, a better planet and region.

The whole programs within the Faculty of Engineering aim at integral and transversal education where the design and construction of strategies are addressed to achieve these goals. All that, always, from a compromise with the communities for the students to acquire the best knowledge and practical skills levels.

This task never ends and the faculty is developing new programs which are relevant and responsive to students' interests and demands for maximum employment opportunities. This work builds on and expands resources to ensure high-quality community-engaged teaching, research and service opportunities for students and faculty. This is our compromise, implemented by an individualized treatment of the students. My office is always open to meet us and talk. We work for you, your education and your future.

Therefore, we look forward to making real progress toward fulfilling our mission and goals for a changing world.

Welcome aboard, to the Faculty of Engineering.

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Our MBA Programme

The underlying philosophy of the IUEA MBA is to educate managers, administrators, leaders and entrepreneurs in a manner that is fully conscious of the unique challenges of doing business in Africa.

  1. Finding business and management solutions that work well within African cultures and systems.

  2. Focus on case studies and rigorous research that includes publication-quality papers.

  3. Emphasis on in-class discussions, writing, presentations and critical thinking.

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Masters of Business Administration