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Making Extra Money
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Regardless of your family background, the money you have at the university just never fits into the lifestyle you want to have. It is never enough. You are tech-savvy and fashion savvy, and as such, want to stay adrift with the latest trends. But your money won’t let you own that latest iPhone or buy that 24-inch Brazilian wig. You have exploited all possible excuses of getting money from your parents or whoever meets your school needs. So there needs to be a plan B. It is almost stereotypical how most campus students resort to illicit ways of making money just to buy into the campus lifestyle. But, what if we told you that you can make that extra buck in a decent and clean way.  We did the heavy lifting for you and researched a couple of legit ways you can make money as a full-time student and still manage to juggle with your academics.

1-Become a content creator

Want to make money for creating things that people will watch, read, or share? That’s the life of a content creator, and it’s now easier than ever to get started. To start, you need to find something that people will watch, whether for entertainment or education.

Then, you figure out a way to monetize it. This could mean showing ads, getting sponsorships, or even creating a paid course or product. Platforms with good money making potential include Instagram, YouTube, blogging, and podcasting.

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2-Become a student agent

Over the years students at IUEA have made easy money through referral bonuses. How does student referral work? As a student at IUEA, once you refer students to study at IUEA, please ensure they register you as their reference. Once the student referred has paid tuition fees, you are entitled to a one-off commission on their tuition fees.

The student agent settlement comes with two options. The commission amount could be crapped off your tuition fees, or you could choose the cash option. Whatever floats your boat, the money is yours.

Already a student and want to register as a student agent, or want more details about becoming a student agent fill the form.

3-Set up an online shop

There are fully blown e-commerce websites and shops with domains and all, but as a student, you might not have the kind of resources to procure or set out on such a physically and financially draining venture. We can use a shortcut that can get us there too! Let’s get started, shall we?

  • First and foremost, select your Niche. What you are passionate about, could be fashion, gadgets, textile, cosmetics, hair.
  • Then, Select an impressive business name. 
  • Set up a Facebook or Instagram business account, link it to a business Whatsapp number
  • You can visit your suppliers’ shop and take photos to market by or buy products and have a home photoshoot of these products
  • Post/upload these images onto your business page and market accordingly. All you will need is a stable internet connection and you are good to go. 

4-Social media influencing

What is social media influencing?

Social media influencing is the basic art of using an individual’s large social media followings as grounds to market products or events.  

Have you considered the time you spend on social media? You could use this time building presence and numbers. These numbers will translate to influencing gigs in the future if taken seriously. Learn more about social media marketing here

5-Adopt a skill

The internet is awash with free courses that you could take advantage of. Skills like photography, graphic design, makeup artistry. 

At IUEA, we have prepared a catalogue of very rich, marketable short courses that you can study and be sure to become a professional in less than 6 months! These short programmes span from the fields of business, science and technology and engineering. View our short course catalogue here


There is always someone out there who is not up to a particular task. There are tasks that most people find extremely hectic and would not mind throwing a couple of shillings to someone else to have this done. Simply- Do what other people do not like to do. 

For Instance, grocery shopping, laundry, dog walking, car maintenance, babysitting, fitness training and lots more.  

The beauty of learning at IUEA is that you can have time to juggle all these ventures while keeping your studies in check with our modern online learning platform, the  IUEA OnlineU. 

Making money as a student already, please share your testimonials with us through our Facebook or WhatsApp channels or leave a comment in the section below. Lets grow together.

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