Bachelor of Information Technology – BIT

The Bachelor of Information Technology programme is designed to:

· Graduate innovative thinkers and implementers of information technology solutions

· Produce leading scientists and practitioners in the area of information technology who are capable of meeting the technical skills requirement needed by industry

· Graduate students who are able to compete in a global economy

· Enable those interested in research in Information technology to obtain additional qualifications

· Empower graduates to become job creators and produce innovative ICT solutions

· Give an opportunity to those non-graduates already working in ICT to obtain a formal qualification in ICT through self-study


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science- BSCS:

The BSc. Computer Science at IUEA is a three-year course that is oriented towards imparting capabilities to use computers, information systems and technology to solve every day practical problems. Emphasis during the course of study is placed mainly on programming, analysis design and implementation of algorithms, artificial intelligence and real time computing.  That means that practical exercises are important in most courses that comprise of BSc. Computer science.


This course equips graduates with the skills necessary for employment in a wide range of roles in the Information Technology and Computer Sciences and to advance professional or academic goals expertise necessary for the successful design and implementation of new technologies in organizations.


Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science and Management- BSESM:

The programme is a 3 year sciences based programme with a combination of practical and theoretical course components making it highly relevant to the needs of Uganda and  Africa’s  various  industries.  It  is  designed  to  train  students  to orientate  their perception of environmental challenges in order to appreciate the key role of sciences, economics, ethics, politics, and sociology in environmental conservation and management. The programme provides students with a firm science foundation, and training and mentorship in application of scientific principles to identify, define problems and design tools for data collection, analyse, interpret and generate information that can offer solutions to environmental challenges. In doing so, a new cadre of environmental professionals will emerge to confront the current environmental challenges at local and international levels.


Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering- BSSE:

The BSc. Software Engineering at IUEA is a four-year course designed to give students  skills and knowledge in the latest and emerging trends in software engineering and to be able to apply this in problem solving capacities in real world organisational contexts. At the foundational level, the programme is cross cutting and explores software engineering from the interrelated fields of computer science and information technology. At the advanced level, the programme explores software engineering from an emerging and a global perspective so that students can understand and apply software engineering principles and skills to solve problems for local development and organisational needs to an international standard. In the final year, students will be tasked with identifying a problem and creating durable and functional solutions using their skills in software engineering and so that they are ultimately prepared for working situation. Students completing this programme shall be equipped with an international standard and knowledge of software engineering and be able to apply for well sort after positions in leading companies and institutions


Diploma in Computer Science

The main objective of the program is to develop personnel with theoretical and practical skills through hands on training in Computer Science,  who  will  be  able  to  provide  high  quality  technical  support  in  computerized organizations.


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