IUEA Cyber Security Warriors


To protect all digital assets from cyber threats and loss

Cyber Security Warriors


To promote a cyber-security programme that supports all areas of business and professionally mitigates cyber-attacks and data loss


The International University of East Africa has developed an effective cyber-threat intelligence gathering, detection, and mitigation platform to help Uganda tackle the ever-present threat of cyber theft. The programme introduces novel concepts and approaches that tackle the grand challenges of securing the ecosystems of private and public institutions in Uganda.

Every organisation is responsible for ensuring Cyber Security; however, most organisations do not have the highly skilled technical resource and policies needed to keep enterprise information safe from hacking and the organisational loss. Implementing effective security measures will not only offer liability protection; it will also increase efficiency and productivity.

IUEA’s Cyber Security Warriors (CSW) helps to spread awareness and provides consulting and training to organisations that have digital assets and presence on the Web. CSW is a combination of threat assessment, consulting, training and infrastructure protection services that aim to prevent security breaches and develop effective prevention methods for any organisation.

Information Security in a Cyber World, Cybercrime and cyber terrorism is a growing threat to organisations of any kind. These threats are driven by sophisticated malefactors who use a variety of technologies and modes of methods to defraud their victims increasingly sophisticated.

Over the past decade, the world has become more interconnected, with the advancement of new networking technologies. Similarly, our dependency on the Internet has reached an unimaginable level. A huge amount of personal, commercial, and confidential data is stored on either private or openly accessible networks.

The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has forced organisations to conduct most of their business online. At the same time, the pandemic has made many people redundant, people with ICT skills who are willing to try their luck in cyberspace.

The major question facing organisations today is not whether to go online, Covid-19 has provided the answer to that. The major question is: How do we keep our corporate resources safe online?

The answer: IUEA’s Cyber Security Warriors.