The International University of East Africa earned the prestigious privilege of having its team compete in the highly exclusive Yes Elite Pro Tournament, beginning their journey with an epic victory in their first match.
The IUEA football team showcases their strong camaraderie, standing united and ready for victory.

The International University of East Africa (IUEA) celebrated a remarkable victory at this year’s Yes Elite Pro Tournament, a prestigious football competition organised by the Yes Centre Sports Arena. The tournament kicked off on June 13, 2024, at the illustrious Yes Pro Arena in Makindye and will span two months, with the next match scheduled for Thursday 20th, June 2024. This blog highlights IUEA’s triumph and the sports philosophy that underpins this success.

How did IUEA join this exclusive tournament?

IUEA’s entry into the highly exclusive Yes Elite Pro Tournament is a testament to our commitment to excellence in sports. Our dedicated and highly respected coach, Mr. Hassan Wasswa, leveraged his extensive connections and reputation to secure a spot for our team. This year marked IUEA’s debut in the tournament, which is reserved for only the most esteemed football communities. Mr. Hassan’s efforts have provided our students with a unique opportunity to showcase their talents on a grand stage.

Vice-Chancellor Emeka Akaezuwa and Dean of Students Natasha Sonnet celebrate with Sports Minister Musiimenta Dickson as they unveil the new IUEA team jerseys.

Does IUEA value sports?

At IUEA, we value sports as much as academics, recognising that talent can manifest in various forms. We are committed to nurturing diverse talents and grooming graduates who appreciate and excel in all fields, including sports. Here’s how we empower our students:

Exceptional Coaches: Our football coach, Mr Hassan Wasswa, renowned for his remarkable performance with the Uganda Cranes, exemplifies the calibre of instructors we bring to our students. His expertise and leadership have been instrumental in our participation and success in this elite league.

State-of-the-Art Facilities: We invest significantly in providing our students with world-class sports facilities, which are highly coveted by top football clubs. These facilities offer our students the perfect environment to train, compete, and thrive.

Sports Scholarships: IUEA offers sports scholarships to nurture and promote talent beyond the classroom. This year, we launched a football scholarship aimed at identifying and supporting promising athletes.

Dedicated Sports Ministry: Our Sports Ministry, led by Minister Musiimenta Dickson, is committed to providing students with ample opportunities to showcase their talents in the best tournaments and sports events.

Community Engagement: We collaborate with local clubs, such as BigTalent Academy from the Eddy Kenzo Foundation and the Butiki League, to provide our facilities for friendly matches and community engagement, further enriching the sports experience at IUEA.

Acclaimed IUEA football coach Mr Hassan Wasswa and Sports Minister Musiimenta Dickson meticulously analyse the match, demonstrating their strategic prowess.

What teams are participating in the Yes Elite Pro Tournament? 

The Yes Elite Pro Tournament features some of Uganda’s finest teams:

  1. Angels FC
  2. Arrows FC
  3. Best of the Best
  4. Capital Bet FC
  5. Casablanca
  6. Code Amboka
  7. Good Friends
  8. Katwe Oldies
  9. Tigers FC
  10. IUEA
  11. Buyiye FC
  12. El-Merriekh SC
Sports Minister Musiimenta Dickson joins the IUEA family on the field, showing his unwavering support during one of their exciting games.

What were the match results? 

IUEA faced intense competition from Capital Bet FC, one of Uganda’s top teams. Led by team captain Bino Marker, our team emerged victorious with a 3:1 win. This triumph highlights the impact of top-notch facilities, passionate coaching, and a dedicated team. The winner of the Yes Elite Pro Tournament will receive a prize of 3 million shillings.

Does IUEA recognise other forms of talent?

Our dedication to nurturing talent extends beyond sports. This year, we introduced student associations, including an Entertainment Association focused on discovering and promoting talent while enhancing the academic experience. The association is organising a grand showcase to highlight the diverse talents within our campus.

The IUEA football team warms up at twilight, led by their dedicated captain and coach, gearing up for the Yes Elite Pro Tournament.

At IUEA, we spare no expense in providing our students with the best resources, facilities, instructors, and curricula. Our victory at the Yes Elite Pro Tournament is a testament to our commitment to excellence. We invite prospective students who seek an unparalleled academic and extracurricular experience to join us in setting new standards for the African academic landscape.

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