The International University of East Africa was honoured to host the 2024 elections for the National Congolese Students Association.
The National Congolese Students Association electoral commission, led by IUEA student Mr. Constantine Kagu, during the planning phase of the 2024 elections.

On the 8th of June, 2024, the International University of East Africa (IUEA) had the honour of hosting the Congolese Students Association (Uganda) elections, a pivotal event for Uganda’s Congolese community. This significant event, organised by the “Coordination Des Etudiants Congolais De L’Ouganda” (Congolese Students Association of Uganda) in collaboration with IUEA and the Commission Electorale Independante, marked a new chapter for the association. Let’s delve into the highlights of this momentous occasion and understand its importance.

What is the role of the Congolese Students Association (Uganda)?

The Congolese Students Association (Uganda) is a vital organisation that unites and supports Congolese students across Uganda. It serves as the governing body for Congolese Students Associations at all highly recognised universities in the country. Being elected into this body is not just an honour but also a significant responsibility, underscoring the trust and expectations placed on the elected officials. Positions within this body include President, Vice President, and General Secretary.

Despite its existence for over three years, the association initially struggled with leadership and financial support. However, it has now emerged as a beacon of support and opportunity for Congolese students, offering various forms of assistance:

  • Creating Opportunities: Ensuring that Congolese students in Uganda can maximise their potential.
  • Providing Guidance: Helping students navigate the social and legal norms of Uganda.
  • Networking: Offering a platform for students to connect and support each other.
Mr. Constantine Kagu presides over the 2024 Congolese Students Association elections, guiding the process with diligence.

What happened during the election? 

The elections took place in the state-of-the-art smart classrooms at IUEA, known for their comfort and advanced technology, which facilitate immersive and engaging presentations and discussions. The event was meticulously organised by the president of the Congolese Students Association electoral commission in Uganda, an IUEA student called Mr Constantine Kagu, who also heads the IUEA’s own electoral commission.

The elections saw participation from leaders of various prestigious universities, including:

  1. Victoria University
  2. St Lawrence university
  3. The International University of East Africa university 
  4. Cavendish University
  5. Uganda Christian University 
  6. Isbat University
  7. King Ceaser 
  8. Bugema University
  9. Nkumba University
  10. UMU (Uganda Martyrs University)
  11. Africa Renewal
  12. Ndejje University
  13. KIU ( Kampala International University)
  14. Mbarara University
  15. KIU Ishaka Campus

The voting process was highly exclusive, limited to 30 high-profile individuals from the Congolese community, including the presidents and vice presidents of the Congolese Students Associations of 15 esteemed universities. The voting was conducted online and in person, with 10 votes cast online and 20 votes cast physically. This exclusivity ensured that only individuals who fully comprehend the responsibilities of such significant positions were involved in the decision-making process.

What were the election results?

After a competitive election process featuring many qualified candidates from Uganda’s most respected universities, the following individuals were elected into the new cabinet of the Congolese Students Association (Uganda):

We are proud to announce that an IUEA student was elected as the General Secretary, reflecting the university’s commitment to fostering leadership and excellence.

Hosting the National Congolese Students Association elections underscores IUEA’s dedication to supporting the Congolese community in Uganda. Congolese students form an integral part of the IUEA family, contributing significantly to the university’s cultural and academic environment. Our recent initiatives, such as the French Club, provide a welcoming space for Francophone speakers to celebrate and share their language and culture. The vibrancy of our Congolese community was also evident during the 2024 Cultural Gala, where Congo won the award for “Best Cultural Dance.”

Ms. Beatrice Nikuze, a Congolese IUEA student was elected as the General Secretary of the National Congolese Students Association.

The successful execution of the elections is a crucial step towards ensuring the prosperity and unity of the Congolese community in Uganda. At IUEA, we are committed to creating an inclusive academic environment that nurtures the social and academic growth of students from all backgrounds. By embracing diverse perspectives, we foster a rich pool of knowledge and innovation, as demonstrated by the ground-breaking achievements of our student body.

We invite students from all walks of life to join us at IUEA, promising a welcoming community that is eager to help them achieve their full potential and contribute to reshaping the world.

The Electoral Commission of the National Congolese Students Association during a strategic planning session.

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