Student’s Guild office

The Student Guild office ensures that the University is aware of student concerns and issues and protects student rights.

The IUEA students Guild Office was founded in 2011 with the sole mission of bridging the gap between the student’s body and the university administration.

 The Guild Office is led by a Guild president along with a cabinet that is vetted by the school administration based on academic performance, moral conduct and ethical behaviour. Once the candidates have successfully passed the university vetting exercise, they are allowed to proceed with their campaigns.

The Guild cabinet constitutes of other leadership roles that include


All members of the cabinet are democratically elected and their powers are checked by the IUEA Guild Constitution.

Being part of the Guild cabinet is a worthwhile experience.  The perks of joining the IUEA guild are numerous. For instance, private working spaces, events access, access to privileged resources to mention but a few.  But above all these, you’ll gain invaluable experience in teamwork, event planning, and leadership skills.

The Guild's Debate

The Guild debate is a highlight of the campaign process. During the guild debate, the candidates’ intellect is tasted by a panel of moderators who constitute the Dean of Students, the former Guild presidents, Electoral commission representatives and notable persons from the society. The debate is witnessed by the electorate(students).

Guild Event Highlight Pictures

Here is the highlight pictures from the race to the Guild Office of 2021