The International University of East Africa Launches its French Club.
IUEA student Mr. Abdulrahman and Mr. Constantine Kagu, President of the IUEA electoral commission and visionary behind the French Club’s inception, warmly greet attendees at the club's launch.

Amidst a vibrant celebration of diversity and cultural exchange, the International University of East Africa (IUEA) proudly launched its French Club on April 12, 2024. Representatives from the Embassy of France and the Ugandan French Association graced the occasion, underscoring the significance of this milestone for the university’s international community. The event served as yet another testament to our unwavering commitment to fostering cultural inclusivity and unity, a dedication most recently exemplified during the IUEA cultural gala.

Laure GINESTET, Resources Centre Manager at Alliance Française de Kampala, extends her appreciation to IUEA for initiating the French Club, fostering a platform for cultural exchange.

Why did IUEA inaugurate a French Club?

Competitive Advantage: With over 3% of the world’s population speaking French, including a significant portion from African nations, proficiency in French offers a distinct competitive edge in the global job market.

Cultural Inclusivity: Embracing the diverse backgrounds of its student body, which includes Francophones from countries like the Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi, Rwanda, and Comoros, the French Club serves as a welcoming space for cultural exchange and integration.

Cultural Exploration: Language serves as the gateway to understanding and appreciating different cultures. By promoting multilingualism, IUEA advances its mission of fostering cross-cultural unity and understanding.

Mr. Habimana Daniel, a Francophone IUEA student and recipient of the Mr. Congeniality 2023 title, dazzles on the runway in a striking blue suit, echoing the hues of the French flag.

What happened during the launch of the French Club?

The inauguration unfolded in the elegantly adorned smart classroom, draped in the iconic hues of the French flag: blue, white, and red. Attendees, comprising both Francophone and Anglophone speakers, were greeted with a red carpet leading to an AstroTurf stage adorned with a captivating French-themed backdrop.

Constantine Kagu, President of the IUEA electoral commission and a proud Francophone from the Democratic Republic of Congo, opened the event with heartfelt remarks, seamlessly blending English and French to express his passion for the language.

The ceremony burst into life with captivating performances celebrating French culture, featuring a diverse ensemble of talents from various nationalities. From a skit depicting a French class to spirited dance numbers set to iconic French tunes, each performance captivated the audience and fostered language learning in an engaging manner.

Ibrahim Solomon, the Social Affairs Minister of the IUEA Students Guild and a driving force behind IUEA’s legal tech centre, reaffirms the university’s dedication to embracing cultural diversity.

Distinguished speakers, including Ibrahim Solomon, the Social Affairs Minister of the IUEA Students Guild, and Dr. Agathe Tumwine, national president of the teachers of French in Uganda, emphasised the club’s role in fostering inclusivity, cross-cultural understanding, and personal development.

The highlight of the evening was a mesmerising French operatic performance by talented IUEA students, followed by exhilarating dance routines showcasing the rich cultural diversity within the university.

The event culminated in a symbolic ribbon-cutting ceremony, officiated by representatives from the French Embassy and Uganda’s National French Association. Following the ribbon cutting, a delightful cake adorned with the inscription “IUEA French Club” was shared among all attendees, fostering camaraderie and celebration.

Dr. Abdulsalam Shema, Dean and Senior Lecturer at IUEA, along with Natasha Sonnet, the IUEA Dean of Students, and other esteemed guests, come together to ceremoniously cut the cake during the launch of the IUEA French Club.

The successful launch of the IUEA French Club underscores the university’s commitment to embracing cultural diversity and promoting cross-cultural unity. It not only provides Francophone students with a sense of belonging but also enriches the educational experience of all students, fostering a more inclusive and globally minded community.

As IUEA continues to welcome students from diverse backgrounds, religions, and nationalities, the French Club stands as a beacon of cultural exchange and understanding, embodying the university’s ethos of unity in diversity.

In the words of Natasha Sonnet, Dean of Students at IUEA, “Parlez en français tout le monde” – Let everyone speak French. Together, we embark on a journey of cultural discovery and mutual respect, united in our celebration of linguistic and cultural diversity.

Distinguished guests capture a momentous occasion with a commemorative photo at the conclusion of the IUEA French Club launch event, symbolising the beginning of a vibrant cultural journey.

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