IUEA scholarship programme is designed in IUEA’s founders’ spirit of giving to the community and making education available to all regardless of race, gender, class, religion or economic status.
IUEA scholarships

One of IUEA’s virtues is fostering cohesion and partnerships with our community. IUEA extended five full scholarships to the Government of the Republic of Somalia. The ceremony was presided over by the IUEA Vice-Chancellor, Dr Emeka Ekaezuwa.  Receiving the fully funded scholarships were the Council and Acting Somali Ambassador HE. Mr Ali Qadar and the Education attaché Mr Liban Hussein Derow.  Witnessing the ceremony were the IUEA Somali community and members of the press.

Upon arrival, the Ambassador, Mr Qadar, appreciated the support IUEA has rendered to all students from Somalia over the years. He also commended the students for displaying good morals and conduct since he had never heard of any story or issue arising along with the lines of indiscipline from any Somali community student.

Dr Emeka, at the beginning of his speech officially welcomed the Ambassador and the educational attaché with statements of IUEA’s vision (To be the technological University of choice in Africa) and mission (To provide an excellent education that includes practical experience and skills) and how the university has managed to live up to these. He brought to light the various steps IUEA has taken to make the community better.

“We have managed to succeed not only through academia but also the advancement of social wellbeing by participation in innovation projects geared towards the improvement of the environment and fostering climate change.”

– Dr Emeka  

One of the projects resulting from environmental improvement was the creation of the electric motorbike. Then, Dr Emeka took a moment to show the Ambassador and the education attaché the IUEA Electric motorbike and a test ride. After the Ambassador’s test ride around the university, he commended IUEA for the brilliant innovation. He was enthralled by the soundless motorbike while in motion. He noted that due to its low consumption, it would be a lucrative venture for people who ride motorcycles for a living. Ambassador Ali urged the university to continue teaching students skills such as these and do away with the old traits of the only certificate attaining. 

The ambassador addresses students, the press and a few members of staff

In return to the ceremony, Dr Emeka expounded on IUEA’s virtues being committed to service. When IUEA sets out to do something, it goes over and beyond. When we produce students, we make sure we deliver the best. We also impart to our students a sense of individual collectivity and responsibility. He added.

Dr Emeka also made known to the guests that since the pandemic’s break, the university has never stopped studying and successfully ran an online programme(IUEA OnlineU) that the National Council fully accredited for Higher Education. After the official reopening of universities for face to face classes by the Government of Uganda, IUEA adopted the blended learning model that includes integrating online and on-campus courses. 

Dr Emeka officially hands over the scholarship document to the Acting Ambassador of Somalia to Uganda, Mr Qadar Ali, and the education attaché Mr Liban Hussein

After the ceremony, the ambassador thanked IUEA again and asked the Somali students to represent good behaviour since their actions affect them and represent the whole of Somalia as a whole.

In his closing remarks, Dr Emeka called upon all students to visit his office if they had any inquiries. 

Who gets these scholarships?

These scholarships recognise exceptional talent and achievement, and they also recognise the need to improve the opportunity gap for vulnerable and disadvantaged groups. As such, recipients are expected to exhibit a high standard of work, academic performance and or high-level of creativity and innovation.

By: IUEA Connect

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