The International University of East Africa's vibrant Somali community held a Ramadhan football match.
A moment of unity: The IUEA Student Guild and representatives from diverse nationalities gather for a commemorative photo.

A Ramadhan Football match, held on the 21st of April and organised by the International University of East Africa’s (IUEA) Somali student community, was an inspiring display of unity and celebration. This friendly football match, titled as “the Tartanka Bisha: Barakeysan EE Ramaan Cup ”, took place at the Qudus stadium in Kisenyi. This event, organised by IUEA Somali students and sponsored by Tick Travels limited, not only showcased their passion for football but also honoured Ramadhan, a sacred month for the Muslim community.

Fostering connections: Invited guests, comprising students and staff, warmly welcome one another.

Why have a Ramadhan Football match?

The choice to commemorate the end of Ramadhan with a football match reflected the vibrant spirit of multiculturalism at IUEA. While spearheaded by the Somali student community, the event garnered support from students and staff of various nationalities and backgrounds, exemplifying the university’s commitment to fostering cross-cultural understanding and unity. This solidarity was not confined to attendance alone; it underscored IUEA’s dedication to creating a welcoming environment where students from diverse backgrounds thrive.

Honouring victory: The Ramadhan football match trophy and medals proudly displayed during the event.

Who participated in the Ramadhan Football match?

The football match brought together 8 teams representing different faculties and programmes, culminating in a spirited competition between the Foundation in Arts and Foundation in Science programmes. The match not only showcased the athletic prowess of the participants but also served as a platform for students to forge connections beyond academic boundaries. The teams were populated as follows:

Capturing camaraderie: Players from the Foundation in Arts team celebrate the occasion with a photo alongside representatives of the IUEA Somali Community.

Foundation in Arts Team

  1. Abdi naasir muhumad elmi 
  2. Xasan maxamed Abdulahi 
  3. Abdirizak salah muudeey
  4. Jimcaale zaed muhumed 
  5. Zakariye hasan husein 
  6. Abdi fitaax ibraahim 
  7. Abdi naasir Abdirahmaan elmi
  8. Abdikaadir Ahmed Alii
Eternalising success: The champions of the Ramadhan football match, the Foundation in Science team, capture their moment of triumph.

Foundation in Science Team

  1. Sayid Osman Ali Nuur
  2. Mahdi Alin abdulle 
  3. Abdirahmaan Ismail Abdi 
  4. Libaan Maxamed Daahir
  5. Hanad Ismail Abdulle
  6. Abdiwahab Hersi Farax 
  7. Abdirahmaan Abdi Hassan
  8. Abdirahman Abdinour mahomed

Were students from other institutions welcome to attend?

The impact of the Somali Ramadhan Football Match extended beyond the borders of IUEA, attracting the attention of Somali students from other institutions. Their admiration for the event sparked curiosity about IUEA, a university known for its blend of academic excellence and vibrant student life. Through events like these, IUEA continues to amplify its reputation as a hub of innovation and inclusivity.

Recognising excellence: The Foundation in Arts team receives medals and expresses gratitude to the event’s organisers at the conclusion of the Ramadhan football match.

Who were the Ramadhan Football match champions?

In a tightly contested match, the Foundation in Science students emerged as victors, clinching the coveted trophy. Yet, beyond the triumph of victory, the true essence of the event lay in the camaraderie and sense of community it fostered. Throughout the group stages and semifinals, teams battled fiercely until only two remained: the Foundation in Arts and the Foundation in Science. Ultimately, it was the Foundation in Science that triumphed.

Both the champions and the runners-up, the Foundation in Arts programme, were honoured with medals, acknowledging their exceptional performances. As we reflect on this monumental achievement, we reaffirm our dedication to cultivating an environment where cultural celebrations are embraced, talents are showcased, and bonds are strengthened.

We take great pride in the vibrant and continuously expanding Somali community within IUEA. Our commitment is unwavering to provide steadfast support to all Somali students who have selected IUEA as their academic sanctuary. A recent demonstration of this commitment was our warm reception for the Somali Ambassador in Uganda, an occasion designed to celebrate and honour our Somali community members. During this event, special privileges were extended to our esteemed Somali students, showcasing our dedication to their success and well-being.

At IUEA, we pride ourselves on being a melting pot of cultures, beliefs, and talents. We invite students from all walks of life to join us in our mission to create a more unified world. Together, let us continue to celebrate diversity, foster understanding, and build bridges that transcend boundaries. Join us at IUEA, where every day is an opportunity to learn, grow, and celebrate together.

Celebrating victory: The champions of the Ramadhan football match conclude the day with joyful pictures.

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