IUEA Students Cultural Gala

IUEA Students Cultural Gala

IUEA boasts of a very diverse student body. Our multinational environment consists of student representations of more nationalities than our fingers can count. Our students hail from various African and Asian countries to as far as Holland. The cultural gala at IUEA gala provides a learning and knowledge exchange platform.  The diversity is showcased in a massive display of food, fashion, music, and dance.

The IUEA cultural gala is one of the university’s most anticipated events. Away from the fun, it is a unifying occasion. The day is so rich and vibrant that it attracts students and other members of the neighbouring community at the end of the day. The most innovative group is awarded a cash prize along with other non-cash items for the runners up.

Countries and food represented.

Nigeria-West Africa: West African countries that include Nigeria, Ghana have always been known to merge and create a fantastic display of what Western Africa offers. During the cultural gala, you will be sure to taste the rich, spicy culinary treats like Egusi soup, the famous jollof rice, pounded yam, fufu and okra etc. Because West Africa is ethnically diverse, you will be thrilled by the fashion statement of colourful Ankara fabrics donned by the West African students. The gele wraps and the kaftans will leave you in awe!

Congo: Congo: Winners of the 2017 cultural gala, the Congolese community never disappoints when it comes to showcasing Congo and its values, traditions and artefacts. The Congolese take great pride in their appearance and manner of dress. Regardless of where they go, it is common to wear clean and pressed handmade garments. Also, this community is known for its love of music and dance. They would not mind breaking a leg anywhere and at any time. 

If you are the type that is adventurous with food, the Congolese tent will be such a muse. You will not miss foods like caterpillars, monkey meat and frogs on their menu. It doesn’t hurt to taste.

Uganda: When it comes to hospitality, the Pearl of Africa students go all the way out. The warmest of smiles and the warmest environs always welcomes you. Because Uganda is highly ethnically diverse, a tribe with the richest culture is fronted to represent the competition when it comes to dancing. 

Somalia: Unbeknownst to many, the people from Somali land are very outgoing and welcoming. Despite their personality, they are very competitive and do not make it easy for other competitors during the gala. Do taste the Somali Qaxwa(coffee), canjeero and Muqmad(beef) during the next gala and thank us later.

Tanzania: Get a feel of the Swahili age-old culture at the IUEA students Gala. The Tanzanians are quiet performers. When they dance, you would not want to look away for even a second!  It’s one of those performances that stay with you. 

Kenya: We have never gotten over the beautiful blend of beads and the traditional Kenyan masai suka. If you are looking for a wholesome meal’s true definition, Kenyans society will give you a run for it. The Ugali, beef and steamed greens will leave your taste buds begging for more and more.

Rwanda: The glitz of the Rwandese is undisputed. Even while they dance, the smile they wear is one of these things that pegs onto your heartstrings.

Ethiopia:  Ever tasted that coffee that leaves you wanting? If you haven’t, you should! According to history, coffee originated in Ethiopia. It was  believed a goat herder, and his flock stabled on coffee centuries ago. Well, after that day, his herding capability significantly improved and he became more efficient. Ethiopia is a country that follows a 13 months calendar and is seven years behind the rest of the world. Fascinating, Isn’t it?

South Sudan: South Sudanese culture has more to it than what meets the eye. 

Eritrea: The Eritrean community in IUEA has always been known to be welcoming and kind. Their gracefulness is clearly portrayed in their white and colourful traditional dress, the Habesha. Eritrea located on the Red Sea. It’s a home of intercultural architecture, and Asmara, the capital, is considered to be one of the most heritage and beautiful cities in the world. 

Burundi: The saying rhythm was born in Africa was probably coined with Burundi in mind. The team from Burundi always leaves with crowds in awe when they hit the karyenda drums.

India: The Indian community is always willing to show off their culture in its entirety. But to properly have a feel of it, you would have to be at a comfortable place with spicy food.


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Albeit a recurrent campus tradition, our 2020 edition was hampered by the world pandemic that saw the campus only operate online till March 1st 2020. However, we are glad that we are making strides into recovery. We welcomed our first lot of students back to the university for on-campus classes this March 2020. (Hurray!) With these new arisings, we are optimistic that we shall hold our next cultural gala very soon!

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