IUEA's complimentary tech training session illustrates the product of its world class education service
The speakers prepare to take center stage at IUEA tech training session

On the 19th of July, IUEA had a complimentary tech training session that unveiled the extent to which technology underpins the modern human experience as well as exhibiting some of the intuition’s ventures in the digital space. The relevance of technology in the modern age is, for the most part, universally accepted however, some might argue the degree to which it is necessary. As the technological university of choice, IUEA tackled this question as well as showcasing some of the groundbreaking technologies and interpreneurial breakthroughs pioneered by its students. 

The reputable IUEA Vice Chancellor, Prof. Emeka Akaezuwa, set the tech training session in motion by elaborating on the university’s motto of learning to succeed. The esteemed professor explained that IUEA embraces failure as a means to success by acknowledging the crucial role failure plays in the learning process. This sentiment affirms the institution’s commitment to ensuring its students excel irrespective of how arduous the journey might be. It conveys the unique faith the academic institution has in each and every single one of its student’s ability to reach their goals and is the paradigm behind the motto, “Learning to succeed”.

One cannot progress in their daily life without technology.

– Dr. Lakshmi Bhabhuu, IUEA Deputy Vice Chancellor

How crucial is technology to human existence?

The Deputy Vice Chancellor, Dr. Lakshmi Bhabhuu, championed the tech training session by elucidating the indispensability of technology. All of this culminated in the conclusion that “one cannot progress in their daily life without technology”. Technology is so irreversibly interwoven into our day to day lives that it has become a necessity. In order for transport systems or medical services to function, some form of technology must be utilised. It was important to base the event on this point as it enabled the tech training session’s attendees to grasp the significance of technological innovations and thus appreciate how vital digital innovations are.

What is the relevance of a tech training session?

As the Dean of the faculty of science and technology, Dr. Lakshmi noted the fast paced nature of the tech industry. It goes without saying that what was once futuristic and advanced technology is now archaic. This explains the value of a creative mind and illustrates the importance of the innovative culture that IUEA instills in its students. She ended her presentation by emphasising that a tool’s efficiency is largely dependent on the hand that wields it. The amalgamation of technology’s necessity and ever changing nature underpinned the value of constantly acquiring new skills which affirms the importance of a tech training session. 

What does it mean to be an IUEA student?

IUEA’s very own student, Ongoriko Gael expressed the institution’s philosophy of nurturing problem solvers. As a computer science student, he is entrusted with the responsibility of becoming a cogent thinker that solves problems using the power of technology. It is not simply for profit but for the betterment of the world around him. This school of thought permeates through the IUEA culture and is made evident by this exact complimentary tech training session.

What is Taste Trail?

Mr. Ongoriko Gael, a student at IUEA, innovated an application that aids the user in finding the most proximal restaurant. This intuitive and aesthetically appealing creation is aptly named Taste Trail and is bound to be an invaluable resource to globetrotting foodies. This is an application which helps support local restaurants while simultaneously simplifying and expediting the user’s search for a good meal. His invention demonstrates the capability to convert the skills he learned as an IUEA student into a viable business venture.

What is blockchain?

The IUEA alumni turned successful blockchain engineer, Mr. Muhindo Gailen, explained the concept of blockchain. A student’s mastery of a subject can be seen through their ability to simplify said subject in a way understandable to the layman. This fact was exemplified by Mr. Gailen’s presentation as he used practical and simple examples to break down complex subject matter. In simple terms, the blockchain is a system of linking content blocks making it accessible to any party but completely unalterable. This portion of the tech training session, portrayed IUEA’s ability to impart skills relevant in the modern working environment.

What is the fifth industrial revolution?

As would be expected of a proud student of the humanities, Mr. Ibrahim Solomon Musa, a student from the law faculty, approached the subject from a generational evolutionary standpoint. He established that there have been five industrial revolutions and that humanity presently finds itself on the brink of the fifth revolution. This revolution is characterized by the creation of a sustainable harmonious relationship between man and machine that is not detrimental to the environment and the assimilation of new technologies like artificial intelligence and Internet of All Things across industries. 

How can technology revolutionise the legal profession?

The IUEA faculty of law devised applications that eliminate menial tasks in the legal profession and avail justice to those that desperately need it. As scholars in the technological university of choice, the problem solvers of the IUEA law faculty utilise technology to solve issues plaguing the legal profession. One of these brilliant contrivances is LegalTech, an application that streamlines, improves and automates legal processes through the use of A.I and many other digital tools. This digital innovation will undeniably increase efficiency and reduce human error.

What is LegalFinder

Another impressive innovation created by the law faculty is LegalFinder. An application that enables individuals to gain access to a legal professional in times of need. Therefore, with access to this application, finding a solution to your legal troubles is made faster and simpler than ever before. Therefore the law faculty has successfully integrated digital solutions to transform the legal profession which further conveys the advantage of studying at a tech-centric institution like IUEA.

What is ChatGPT?

The tech training session also touched on current events with Mr. Elve Nshuti bringing up the controversial ChatGPT. ChatGPT is a conversational Artificial Intelligence Software that enables anyone to create and improve statements. Mr. Elve iterated that many professors disapprove of its use in academia however, Harvard, one of the world’s most acclaimed institutions encourages its use. Similarly, in the movie industry, ChatGPT is one of the concerns that led to the Writer’s Guild of America (WGA) strike that threatens to grind Hollywood to a halt. Attendees of the tech training session therefore engaged in discussions regarding developments relevant to the future of the digital world.

What is I-Tech Africa?

Another speaker at the tech training session was Mr. Nshuti Elve, an IUEA alumni and C.E.O of I-Tech Africa. I-Tech Africa is a multinational company that uses digital technology to create effective strategies for success in any industry. Zealous, innovative and focused, Mr. Elve has shepherded his company to be internationally recognised and nominated for the African start-up award. As an IUEA alumni that studied software engineering, he has gone on to use his IUEA imparted digital mastery to solve problems across numerous industries.

What is the IUEA learning environment like?

After being astounded by the incredible achievements of these IUEA bred geniuses, attendees were afforded the opportunity to tour the state-of-the-art facilities where these prodigious minds were incubated. Some of these cutting edge facilities include:

  • The breezy lush green university gardens
  • The beautiful architecture studio brimming with stunning constructive works of art 
  • The massive and comfortable auditorium
  • The futuristic electronic library

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