Miss Patience Ankunda

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Idea: Changing career paths

“I joined university at the age of 18 on full scholarships for a course that I had worked so hard to join which is a bachelor of architecture. There was no way I was not going to become an architect that was the one thing I was very certain about. I recently turned 24 and guess what, I’m currently completing my bachelor’s degree in computer science. And I’m also a fitness entrepreneur”

She walks us through her journey of making a career change from architecture to computer science and going against odds to pursue her passion

Biography :

Miss Patience Ankunda is one of the few Ugandans who were fortunate enough to attain a full government scholarship to study architecture at Makerere University. A few years into the programme, she found it rather unsettling. The whole concept of architecture did not sit well with here. Upon this realisation, she sought solace in computers. Her newfound passion sparked a flame in her. This realisation saw her abandon her architecture programme at Makerere University and start a Computer Science career at the Uganda Christian University.

She has morphed into a Women’s and Girls in Tech enthusiast, Community development lead, ALC 4.0 scholar, web developer and Founder of Afrocanfit.

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