IUEA's gifted law faculty launches the first African legal tech project
IUEA Council Chairman, Moses Sebunya congratulates Law faculty Dean, Mr. Sebijjo Emmanuel on historic feat commemorate event

The International University of East Africa unveiled its latest advancement in the form of the first ever African Legal Tech Project. This project includes a comprehensive compilation of persisting problems in the Legal profession, titled “African Journal of Legal Issues in Technology and Innovation” (AJLITI). The presence of the University Council Chairman, the Vice Chancellor and Law Faculty Dean underpinned the immensity of this accomplishment. Speakers applauded the literary masterpiece professing its ability to better human existence whilst also being the kind of innovation expected from the technological university of choice.

IUEA Law Faculty Dean, Emmanuel Sebijjo acquaints attendees with the scholastic and humanitarian merits of this milestone

As a university, our contribution to the community is the time and resources we apply to solving existing problems

– Mr. Emmanuel Sebijjo, Dean of Law Faculty

What is the academic and global significance of this Legal Tech Project and Journal?

The conception and establishment of this Legal Tech Project is an immense boon to IUEA, the Legal profession and the entire continent of Africa. This was explained at length in the profound words of Mr. Sebijjo, the Law Faculty Dean and Prof. Emeka Akaezuwa, Vice Chancellor. The numerous reasons outlined include:

  1. The AJLITI establishes a research based foundation from which the innovations sprout
  2. Provides experiential learning opportunities that integrate technology and entrepreneurship in the legal profession
  3. This Legal Tech Project encourages interdisciplinary research at the intersection of tech and law 
  4. Delivers on the promise of providing hands-on experience by enabling students to innovate solutions that correspond to existing problems.
  5. Further affirms IUEA as the Technological University of Choice by complementing its expanse of innovations
  6. Situates Africa and IUEA at the forefront of Technological innovation
  7. Spotlights the African perspective on cyber law, data governance and intellectual property and so much more
  8. Provides a platform for experts and scholars to explore critical issues at the intersection of law and technology in Africa
  9. Establishes IUEA as a trailblazer in Legal Tech
  10. Incites the discussion and adoption of Legal Tech in Africa
IUEA Vice Chancellor, Emeka Akaezuwa expounds on the magnitude of the IUEA Legal Tech Project

As a collective, Africans are seen as laggards in tech but this puts us at the forefront. This is the kind of innovation IUEA introduces as the Technological University of Choice not just in Africa but the world

– Prof. Emeka Akaezuwa, IUEA Vice Chancellor

What does this mean for the future of Justice?

Stunningly garbed in Nigerian attire, the IUEA Vice Chancellor lauded the law faculty’s incredible achievement explaining that while this project and journal may not initially seem mindboggling, they surely are due to the phenomenal positive impact they have on the human experience. This sentiment was echoed by the university council chairman, Ambassador Moses Sebunya, as he iterated its ability to radically enrich the legal profession in Africa and enhance justice on a global scale.

There are a great many advantages to partaking in IUEA’s world class education experience however, perhaps the most significant is the capacity to improve the quality of human lives. The primary role of an academic institution is to nurture problem solvers that can innovate solutions to existing problems for the betterment of humanity; thus this project and journal further exhibit IUEA’s excellence while also creating a means by which others may do the same. The stature of the speakers that reiterated this point greatly affirmed its significance to IUEA as an academic institution.

Distinguished law students and legal pioneers bask in the grandeur of their historic achievement

Our goal is to have one happy people with equal rights and opportunities… with no tribes or race to divide us 

– Ambassador Moses Kiwe Sebunya, IUEA Council Chairman

Does IUEA plan on adding Legal Technology programs?

This ambitious project inspired the development of a new curriculum. Attendees were pleasantly surprised to discover that keeping with IUEA’s tradition of pushing the envelope, a curriculum that takes advantage of technology’s power to enhance the legal profession was submitted to the National Council of Higher Education for approval. This substantiates the Vice Chancellor’s assertion that rather than waiting upon the innovations of others, IUEA strives to push the boundaries of technological and scholastic excellence

Exceptional law student and the gifted visionary behind IUEA Legal Tech, Solomon Musa conveys his gratitude and belief in Legal Tech’s ability to enhance the Legal Profession

Has this Legal Tech Project already inspired any astounding breakthroughs?

This project and its masterfully written first rendition are the impetus for two spectacular applications, LegalTech and LegalFinder, previously teased at the avant-garde IUEA tech training session. By critically pondering the issues highlighted in this Legal Tech Journal, the IUEA law faculty contrived LegalTech, an application that streamlines, improves and automates legal processes and LegalFinder, an application that enables individuals to gain access to a legal professional in times of need. These impressively innovative applications resolve relevant persisting problems outlined in this Legal Tech Journal.

Honoured guests commemorate this historic achievement

The future holds for efficiency and convenience, hence the need for automated and efficient service delivery. So technology and artificial intelligence can create new value propositions and compliment the value architecture map of legal practice and access to justice

– Mr. Katende Jonan, Justicebot marketing and business development specialist

Has the AJLITI been peer reviewed? 

The journal has already been peer reviewed by various legal and business experts and academics, including the highly respected Mr. Katende Jonan. The extolled marketing and business development specialist at JusticeBot, a legal tech company which provides legal procedures and information in a simplified manner for free. As someone that has had an immense impact on the legal profession, he professed the need for this journal as a reference source along with the Legal Tech applications it helped create.

IUEA Council Chairman, Ambassador Moses Sebunya cuts ceremonial ribbon officially launching the IUEA LegalTech project and the AJLITI

Innovation does not segregate that is why we are glad to be pioneers

– Mr. Katende Jonan

How was this ambitious and thrilling Legal Tech Project launched?

After explaining the importance of this accomplishment, the University Council chairman cut the ceremonial ribbon officially launching the Legal Tech Project. With the ribbon cut, the University Council chairman, along with the honoured guests and pioneers commemorated the event with a photo session.

The launch was concluded with a vote of thanks. The Dean of the law faculty, along with student representatives, expressed his gratitude for the support during the project’s inception and launch. He reiterated the belief in this project’s ability to improve the IUEA educational experience, the African legal system and the quality of life globally. Shortly thereafter, the University Council Chairman reinforced this by explaining that having students from over 50 countries enables IUEA to increase its reach to improve the quality of life on a global scale.


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