The Karamoja Students Association Elects IUEA Student as VP

IUEA students are among the leaders of the Karamoja Students Association.

For being elected the Vice President of the Karamoja Students Association, the International University of East Africa proudly celebrates Tadu Benjamin Lonyia, a student of our Business Administration programme. Held on April 4th, 2024, this landmark event not only highlights the excellence of our institution but also underscores the hard work and dedication of our student body. Join us as we delve into the significance of the National Karamoja Students Association.

Enthralling the Audience: IUEA’s Karamojong Students Showcase Their Dance Mastery in a Spectacular Performance.

What is the Karamoja Students Association?

The Karamoja Students Association represents the interests of Karamojong students across various tertiary institutions nationwide. Originating from the north-eastern region of Uganda, the Karamojong people face unique challenges when pursuing higher education in the capital city, such as navigating unfamiliar cultures far from home. The association aims to ease this transition by:

  • Lobbying: Advocating for the needs of Karamojong students within both public and private spheres.
  • Guidance: Advising Karamojong students as required.
  • Unity: Providing a platform for mutual support and camaraderie among Karamojong students.
  • Celebration of culture: Providing the support for Karamojong student events celebrating culture
Karamojong Maidens from IUEA Illuminate the Stage with Traditional Dance at the Annual Cultural Gala.

How are elections for the Karamoja Students Association held?

Serving on this council presents significant advantages, including the enhancement of leadership abilities, the cultivation of valuable networks, and the opportunity to support fellow students. However, it also entails substantial responsibility. Thus, it is vital that council members are community-elected individuals who undergo a thorough and efficient selection process, detailed as follows:

  • Candidate Eligibility: Participation in the election process is open to all Karamojong students enrolled in tertiary institutions.
  • Campaigning: Candidates engage in grassroots campaigning, utilising word-of-mouth strategies to garner support. They mobilise their Karamojong peers across different institutions, fostering a sense of community and solidarity.
  • Voting: The voting process is conducted online through a dedicated application platform. This accessible method ensures that all Karamojong students enrolled in tertiary institutions can exercise their democratic right to vote.
  • Election Oversight: The integrity of the election is upheld by the MOTHER KASDA electoral commission composed of respected Karamojong alumni. Their impartial oversight ensures transparency and fairness throughout the vote counting and election process.
MOTHER KASDA Electoral Commission Encourages Karamojong Student Votes for a Fair Outcome.

Which institutions have Karamoja Students Association Chapters?

IUEA is honoured to host a thriving Karamoja Students Association chapter, which has consistently produced leaders like Tadu Benjamin Lonyia. Our commitment to excellence is echoed in the success of our students, who hold esteemed positions not only within our institution but also nationally. Other institutions with chapters include:

  • Makerere University
  • Kyambogo University
  • KIU
  • KIU (Mbarara)
  • Mulago Paramedical School
  • Uganda Martyrs University
  • Uganda Christian University 
  • Nkumba University 
Exuding Elegance: IUEA’s Karamojong Delegates Charm the Crowd Representing Uganda in the Cultural Gala’s Fashion Show.

What is the structure of the current Karamoja Students Association Council?

Outstanding students of our Bachelor of Business Administration and Public Administration programmes serve as the Vice President and the mobiliser of the National Karamoja Students Association, respectively. This achievement underscores our commitment to fostering the development of confident leaders who are not only dedicated to personal growth but also to the betterment of their communities. Past members of this council have transitioned to esteemed positions in parliamentary and local council settings, reaffirming the council’s status as a proven training ground for future leaders. Notable council members include:

H.E. HON Tadu Benjamin Lonyia, an IUEA student who was elected the Vice President of the National Karamojong Students Associations.
  • H.E HON. Lokuda Samuel (MAKERERE BUSINESS SCHOOL): President
  • H.E. HON Tadu Benjamin Lonyia (INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF EAST AFRICA): Vice President
  • RT .HON Loupa Pius Daamoe (GULU UNIVERSITY): Prime Minister 
  • RT. HON. Iraima Shamim Kasim (UGANDA CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITY): Speaker 
  • RT. HON. Lodim John Bosco (KYAMBOGO UNIVERSITY): Deputy Speaker
  • HON. Apeyo Damian Moe (MULAGO PARAMEDICAL SCHOOL): General Secretary
  • HON. Olupot Jonathan (MULAGO PARAMEDICAL SCHOOL): Finance Minister
  • HON. Aema Joseph Wallace (MULAGO PARAMEDICAL SCHOOL): Project Coordinator
  • HON. Lomokol Moses (NKUMBA UNIVERSITY): Assistant Project Coordinator
  • HON. Sagal Justice Julia (UGANDA CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITY): Constitutional Affairs Minister
  • HON. Iriama Anne (KYAMBOGO UNIVERSITY): Cultural Minister
  • HON. Adupa Dinnah Lorika(NKUMBA UNIVERSITY): Assistant Cultural Minister
  • HON. Loumo Paul (MAKERERE UNIVERSITY): Minister for Games and Sports
  • HON. Oyet Jeje Aliat (MAKERERE UNIVERSITY): Assistant Minister for Games and Sports 
  • HON. Lokong John (MAKERERE UNIVERSITY): Minister for Information and Publicity
Unity in Diversity: Karamojong and Ugandan Peers Unite for an Electrifying Dance Extravaganza at the IUEA Cultural Gala.

How have the newly elected members of the National Karamoja Students Association helped the Karamojong student community?

Newly elected council members waste no time in initiating impactful projects, such as the upcoming football match designed to foster community bonding and mentorship opportunities. Scheduled for April 27th, 2024, at the expansive IUEA sports centre, this event underscores our university’s dedication to nurturing a vibrant and inclusive campus environment.

IUEA celebrates diversity in all its forms, welcoming students from myriad backgrounds, cultures, and ethnicities. Initiatives such as the IUEA French Club and events like the recent reception for the Somali Ambassador exemplify our commitment to inclusivity and cultural exchange.

By fostering a supportive environment for Karamojong students and promoting diversity and inclusion, IUEA continues to uphold its reputation as a leading institution dedicated to excellence and social responsibility.

We extend an open invitation to all prospective students, regardless of background, to join us in this enriching educational experience. At IUEA, we believe in the power of diversity to drive innovation and foster mutual understanding, paving the way for a brighter future for all. Join our international community and embark on a transformative journey of learning and growth.

Unity in Diversity: Karamojong and Ugandan Peers Unite for an Electrifying Dance Extravaganza at the IUEA Cultural Gala.

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