Legal Tech Expo 2.0 at The Innovation Village gets heightened by IUEA Law

IUEA partners with The Innovation Village and its Legal Tech Lab for the Legal Tech Expo 2nd Edition
The Innovation Village's Legal Tech Lab welcomes IUEA as a partner for the Legal Tech Expo 2nd Edition

The International University of East Africa (IUEA) recently made waves at the Legal Tech Expo 2nd Edition, hosted by The Innovation Village and organised by its Legal Tech Lab in partnership with Ligomarc Advocates on 28th September 2023. Under the theme of “The rise of Legal Engineering: Promoting innovation for the Legal Industry”, the event practically showcased and promoted the power of Legal Technology. The university’s youngest faculty unveiled a range of groundbreaking innovations which fashioned an unforgettable display bound to reinforce IUEA’s partnership with The Innovation Village for future events. What did this magnificent display include? How did this partnership impact IUEA? Let’s discuss.

IUEA Vice Chancellor, Professor Emeka Akaezuwa and IUEA Dean of Law, Mr. Emmanuel Sebijjo proudly represent IUEA at Legal Tech Expo 2.0

What is The Innovation Village?

This hub serves as a haven for visionaries with big ideas and the determination to turn them into reality. It wields significant influence in supporting startups and entrepreneurs in the technology sector, all with the ultimate goal of driving positive socio-economic change. By simplifying resource access and fostering industry support, it empowers these big ideas to flourish, ultimately creating an ecosystem that propels development and improves human lives. This ethos aligns perfectly with IUEA’s core values, and their synergy was brilliantly displayed at this year’s Expo.

An exemplary IUEA student, Musa Solomon exhibits LegalFinder, a powerful tool for serving justice that was conceptualised and built by him and his peers.

What was the purpose of the Expo?

The Legal Tech Lab crafted the expo with the primary aim of bridging the gap between innovators in the legal field, technologists and industry professionals. Broken down, the key objectives included:

• Identifying the challenges faced during the implementation of the Digital Economy program which present opportunities for development of legal tech solutions.

• Fostering collaboration between the developers/engineers, lawyers, and innovators to design innovative solutions to the challenges identified.

• Providing training and capacity building for the developers/engineers on how to innovate for the legal industry.

• Providing an opportunity for linkage of lawyers, engineers, and innovators to good quality digital tools.

• Raising awareness among lawyers and developers of a new and emerging field of Legal Engineering and the opportunities therewith.

The purpose of the Expo is to increase visibility of legal innovations in Uganda and provide a platform for exploring partnerships and synergies among justice innovators, to allow for linkages between legal tech solutions and industry.

– Said Ms. Hellen Mukasa, The Innovation Village’s Legal Tech Lab Lead.
A dedicated IUEA student and legal professional in the making, Samantha Barrel Bethel acquaints Expo attendees with the innovative solution that is LegalFinder.

What did the Legal Tech Expo entail?

In order to achieve the aforementioned objectives, the Legal Tech Lab structured the second rendition of the expo around activities designed to introduce innovators and technologists to opportunities for innovation, and fulfilling and dignified work within the legal sector. These activities included:

  1. A Panel Discussion on Legal Engineering: A thought-provoking panel discussion featuring key stakeholders, including Ligomarc, Legal Tech Lab, Engineering Society, Law society, and JLOS, explored the convergence of Law and Technology professions and the opportunities they offer.
  2. A Masterclass on Legal Tech Development: The Legal Tech Lab conducted a masterclass to educate developers and engineers about their roles in developing legal tech solutions, showcasing innovative solutions tailored to the legal industry.
  3. The Co-Creation of Solutions: The expo provided a platform for lawyers and developers/engineers to collaborate in co-creating solutions to challenges encountered during the implementation of the Digital Economy program.
  4. Networking Opportunities: The event facilitated networking between developers and lawyers, fostering valuable connections within the legal tech ecosystem.
IUEA’s brilliant Ongoriko Gael explains the intuitiveness and efficiency of the LegalFinder application to intrigued guests.

What ingenious Legal Tech inventions did IUEA display?

IUEA, represented by its esteemed Faculty of Law, proudly served as the knowledge partner for this event. Leading the charge, Mr. Emmanuel Sebijjo Ssemmanda, Dean of the Faculty of Law, conducted an enlightening Masterclass, while Mr. Ivan Ojakol shared his expertise as part of a distinguished panel of experts. The event garnered attendance from not only the Vice Chancellor but also other dedicated lecturers and enthusiastic students from the Faculty of Law. Additionally, our talented students showcased some of the innovative Legal-Tech solutions emerging from our university, such as “Legal Finder”, previously introduced at IUEA’s Tech Training Session and at the launch of the first ever African Legal Tech Journal and “My Land.

IUEA Vice Chancellor, Professor Emeka Akaezuwa and IUEA representatives fascinated by the inventiveness on display at the Legal Tech Expo 2.0

Why was this partnership important?

The Legal Tech Expo 2nd Edition served as the perfect platform for IUEA’s budding technocrats to launch their amazing creations. This partnership was therefore yet another clear expression of IUEA’s commitment to empowering its students to reach for their dreams while bettering the community. This commitment was indeed not wasted as the IUEA Law faculty left a mark at this year’s expo by impressing the various firms, FPOs, and inventors in attendance, raising the profile of the institution, its Law Faculty and its distinguished students. IUEA’s tradition of research and innovation renders the Legal Tech Expo 2nd Edition as just the beginning of a bright future for African innovation.

Legal Tech Expo 2.0 attendees gather for the commemoration of the event

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