About Us


We’re not just another university. We’re a type of university, proud to be different and not follow the crowd. While many institutions are becoming increasingly large and impersonal, we’re committed to being more supportive and distinctly more personal. Our University was founded on a bold vision of technology – a type of university that combines the best traditions with all the opportunities and advances of the modern world.  

We love education, and we believe in its power to transform lives. Above all, we think this experience should be both exciting and unique to the individual. Our role is to support you to the best of our abilities, provide you with the opportunities you deserve, and treat you as much more than just a ‘student’.  

Technology is at the heart of our philosophy. The twenty-first century is characterised by change.  We believe that this is something to be inspired by rather than resisted. The world is constantly evolving, and so are we. We will help you to develop the skills and insights that will always be relevant, no matter how things change further down the road. In a world where nothing stays the same, we all need to Learn to Succeed.  

That is what we do. Be bold and join us.

Our Vision

"To be the Technological University of Choice in Africa."

Our Mission

"To Provide an Excellent Education that includes practical experience and skills."


"Learning to Succeed."


IUEA Leadership

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is the highest authority of the University and constitutes the ownership of the university. The overall function of the BOT is to exercise guardianship over the university.

The University Council

This is the supreme governing council of the university and is responsible for the overall administration of the university which includes oversight of administrative, financial and academic affairs. The Council makes policies and oversees their implementation by management.


Teaching at the University is spread across four academic schools each with their own personality and ethos which is reflected in the portfolio of courses. Whichever course you choose, you will experience study that is characterised by innovative and leading-edge approaches to learning and teaching, informed by the research and scholarly activity of our academic staff.

IUEA Leadership