IUEA's 10th graduation ceremony held on the 30th of November, 2023, was a celebration of a year filled with great accomplishments.
Ecstatic IUEA graduates celebrate at the end of IUEA's 10th graduation ceremony.

IUEA’s 10th graduation ceremony, which took place on the 30th of November, 2023, was a grand celebration of a remarkable year. With the theme “Beyond Borders,” the event celebrated IUEA’s commitment to inclusivity in various fields, chief among them being the installation of the first female Chancellor in Uganda, Amb. Dr. Amina Chawir Mohammed. Other dignitaries who graced the event included representatives of the University Council and Board of Trustees. In this blog, we recap the highlights of this historic and heartfelt sendoff of IUEA’s class of 2023.

The Chairperson of the University Council, Ambassador Moses Kiwe Sebunya with dignitaries from IUEA’s board of Trustees namely, Mr. Alwi Hassan, Mr. Mohamed Mubiru, and Ambassador Hassan Alwi at IUEA’s 10th graduation ceremony.

This year marks a historic milestone as I have the honour of being the first female Chancellor in Uganda. As a lawyer, I comprehend the transformative power of education. It shapes individuals and societies

– Said  Amb. Dr. Amina Chawir Mohammed during her speech at IUEA’s 10th graduation ceremony.

What happened during this year’s graduation ceremony?

An atmosphere of excitement filled the university throughout the week, culminating on the 30th. In the days leading up to the event, joyful graduates celebrated with traditions like getting their IUEA-branded T-shirts signed by peers and staff. On the big day, the ceremony commenced with happy graduates, stunningly dressed in IUEA gowns, taking pictures at IUEA’s various picturesque sites and booths with their loved ones. This set a celebratory tone for the event.

The celebration was enhanced by the arrival of the Chancellor’s procession. After being treated to an executive-style breakfast in the boardroom with other luminaries, the Chancellor was guided to the IUEA auditorium in a procession led by energetic drummers and tailed by IUEA academic staff. The procession majestically entered the IUEA auditorium and onto the stage. After the national anthem, attendees took their seats, with the Chancellor positioned on stage alongside other dignitaries. Thereafter, Amb. Dr. Amina Chawir Mohammed opened the 10th congregation at the graduation of IUEA.

A group of energetic drummers leads the Chancellor’s procession during IUEA’s 10th graduation ceremony.

Am truly glad to be here and to be a witness to this tremendous opportunity that students have to have a Chancellor that truly cares about the welfare and wellbeing of students.

– Said Dr. Imbenzi George, the guest of honour and assistant professor and advisor for the Master of Arts Leadership programme at TWU GLOBAL.

This year’s guest of honour, Dr. Imbenzi George is a renowned assistant professor and advisor for the Master of Arts Leadership programme at Trinity Western University (TWU) Global. This institution, headquartered in Richmond Virginia, supports the global education infrastructure by partnering with agencies across the globe. As an experienced adult leadership professor at a prestigious institution, his wisdom was highly beneficial to IUEA’s graduating class of 2023. After narrating a short story that highlighted Amb. Dr. Amina’s love of students, he advised IUEA’s graduates to aspire to become celebrated individuals whose stories will also be used to inspire others. Other distinguished guests included:

  • Rev. Phillip Kato from Uganda Korea Friendship Association 
  • Madam Doreen from Team University 
  • Dr. Eric Gotta from the Ministry of Education and Sports 
  • Mr. Mutekenga from the Ministry of Education and Sports

Do not tell the story, I want you to become the story.

– Said Dr. Imbenzi George, as he encouraged graduates to accomplish wonders that will make for great stories.
IUEA’s acclaimed Vice Chancellor, Prof. Emeka Akaezuwa, Chancellor, Amb. Dr. Amina Chawir Mohammed and Ambassador Moses Kiwe Sebunya at IUEA’s 10th Graduation Ceremony.

As you embark on the next chapter of your lives, remember that knowledge is the compass that will guide you. Let your innovation and technological prowess be the winds that propel you. Embrace this borderless world with open arms, for within it lies a vast expanse of opportunity and potential.

– Said Prof. Emeka Akaezuwa, IUEA’s highly acclaimed Vice Chancellor.

What made the IUEA’s 10th graduation ceremony so special?

The graduation ceremony celebrated IUEA’s many achievements in the 2023 academic year. The insightful and heartwarming speeches of the various dignitaries highlighted the significance that 2023 holds in IUEA history. Read these impactful speeches in our graduation e-book. These accomplishments include:

In honour of IUEA’s 10th graduation ceremony, Ambassador Hassan Alwi, the university’s Resident Director, addresses the audience at the 10th graduation ceremony.

IUEA is just getting started, and we hope to build an academic city that will focus not only on technology but on the betterment of humanity.

– Said IUEA’s Resident Director, Ambassador Hassan Alwi as he elaborated on IUEA’s vision.

Which faculties constituted the IUEA Class of 2023?

IUEA boasts an impressive graduate rate of 100%, with all students completing their final year successfully. This year had a record 544 graduates from four faculties – Law, Business and Management, Engineering and Science and Technology. IUEA is constantly evolving with the aim of ensuring that graduates are equipped with the relevant practical skills to excel in the modern working environment. Learn more about IUEA’s internationally accredited programmes.

Graduates from IUEA’s Class of 2023 rejoice during IUEA’s 10th graduation ceremony

As we embark on a new chapter of our lives, let us remember that borders are not just physical boundaries, they are also mental boundaries that limit our potential. It is up to us to break through these borders, to challenge ourselves to embrace diversity and inclusivity.

– Said IUEA’s Resident Director, Ambassador Hassan Alwi as he inspired graduates to go beyond the borders of mental limitations.

IUEA’s 10th graduation ceremony was a fitting end to an unforgettable year, celebrating excellence through inclusivity and global collaboration. A graduation ceremony is evidence of a university’s successful fulfilment of its duty to ensure the academic success of its entrusted students. Our 100% graduate rate is a testament to the effectiveness of our world-class practical learning experience and our graduates’ hard work and passion. These remarkable graduates are highlighted in our Class of 2023 graduate list. IUEA is proud to have supported each graduate of this class on their journey to transforming the world, and we are excited to see where this knowledge will lead them.

Representatives from the IUEA Council, the Board of Trustees, faculties, staff and students come together for the cake-cutting ceremony at the end of IUEA’s 10th graduation ceremony.


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