Dear student. 

Welcome to the gallant IUEA student body. 

As we are all aware, the world over has been trying to overcome the effects of the covid-19 pandemic.  The pandemic has gravely affected our campus traditions, the orientation process inclusive. This left us with the difficult decision to shift our usual physical orientation to a virtual one where every student would get to follow in through the zoom platform.

What is the IUEA orientation about?

IUEA new students orientation programme is the first step in a student’s journey at IUEA. The orientation is a step by step directory about the university. The orientation programme helps students learn more about the university and also preps them on what to expect while with us as well as guide them through the necessary working processes of IUEA.

Though a new phenomenon, our first orientation was held with inputs from various members of staff. We had a blend of presentations from the faculty administrators, deans; - engineering, science and technology, business, law and the university vice-chancellor.

The orientation was a weeklong affair that commenced on the 4th February to 8th Feb 2021 with each week having a different theme and staff speaker. 

We thank you all for the very insightful questions you asked that led to the success of the whole event. We are also entirely grateful for all of you who went the extra mile to assist your fellow new students through the process. 

For those that missed the orientation, we have compiled the frequently asked questions and their corresponding replies. We hope you find them helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of online Learning?
  • Added Flexibility and self paced learning

  • Better Time management

  • Demonstrated self motivation

  • Improved Virtual Communication and Collaboration

  • A Broader, Global Perspective

  • Refined Critical-thinking Skills

  • New Technical Skills

What is a student expected to do in online study?

  • Review the learning objectives

  • Complete the assigned readings

  • Submit assignments

  • Go through the lecture materials 

  • Participate in the discussion boards

  • Do the quizzes

  • Participate in live streaming

Is studying only online?

Until we receive further communication from the government about resuming physical classes, we shall carry on with the online mode of learning. 

Once the communication is officially passed, we shall resume on-campus classes but that does not mean the death of the online mode. For students who would still prefer distance learning, they are free to carry on with the online mode.

How do we use the IUEA Online-u?

Enter the URL in the web browser, it directs to the IUEA OnlineU login page. Each student has been provided with the IUEA user credentials (username in the form of an email address and default password), it directs the user to the course content page. The student is now able to view and access the enrolled courses.

Can online classes be recorded and shared?

Yes, all online classes are recorded but are only available to the students on our online IUEA OnlineU.

Will online studies at IUEA continue when physical classes resume?

Yes, the online mode will continue alongside the on-campus classes.

Can I access the study materials offline?

Yes; All materials are available for download. The student can download the materials online and later can access it offline.

What if I miss my live classes, how can I access them?

All the live streaming classes are conducted through zoom and are automatically recorded. The recordings are always available in the course contents for referance. It can be accessed by the student whenever required.

Why am I seeing invalid login errors?

  • The username and password have been misspelt while typing. Click the forgot password link on the login page to recover the password.

  • When the tuition fees are not paid on the endeavoured time, the online user account will be suspended thus showing invalid login

How do I do practical online?

The university has invested in state of the art technology that allows for students to learn modules that require practical engagement. This includes software for architecture and engineering that generate simulations. The same technology is used in the aviation and architectural industries to give a semblance of real-life conditions like wind, lightning, earthquakes and more.

How do I register for a course after payment?

The registration is done by the Faculty administrators. A list of each faculty administrator has been shared with you or can be picked from the IUEA marketing department. You should send your IUEA student registration number, the course you have enrolled in and your payment details i.e receipt.

What are the modes of study provided by IUEA?

We currently have two modes of study, online and on-campus. For on-campus students, the learning mode is flexible. Kindly consult your faculty administrators or deans with regards to the timetable since some classes will remain purely online.

Can I migrate from one mode of study to another?

Yes, you can migrate from one mode of study to another. But before this decision is made, the accounts office should be notified since the online tuition structure is not the same as the online mode.

How do we make fees payments?

Fees payments can be made to our bank accounts or using bank slips provided at campus. These banks include;

Does IUEA have students’ hostels?

Yes, we do have student hostels for both males and females.

Please Note

  • The hostel will be provided on first come first serve basis

  • Hostel fees should be cleared at least two weeks before the semester starts

  • Booking is by payment of at least 100% before taking occupancy

  • Advanced booking is by payment of $50


Hamisu; 256704911904

Does the university provide meals?

IUEA does have a canteen that provides a variety of meals. However, these meals are at the student’s expense. In instances where the student does not prefer meals from the school canteen, students are free to seek dining facilities from outside the school campus. 

Can I use my refugee ID to apply?

IUEA does have a canteen that provides a variety of meals. However, these meals are at the student’s expense. In instances where the student does not prefer meals from the school canteen, students are free to seek dining facilities from outside the school campus. 

How do I apply for a student’s visa?

Students can apply through 

Contact Person; Brenda

Email: [email protected]

Why should I do the foundation programme?

IUEAs International foundation programme also known as the Higher Education Certificate is a programme tailored to help students coming from different education systems around the world to align their qualification to the Ugandan education system to become eligible for admission.

However much the foundation programme is designed to bridge the qualifications gap among international students, not all international students are required to pursue the one-year-long foundation programme before admission to their bachelors’ programme of choice. Only students from countries;

  • Kenya

  • Somalia

  • Ethiopia

  • South Sudan 

  • Nigeria

  • Eritrea

Students from the above-mentioned countries are required to undertake the foundation programme on the basis that the qualifications attained after completion of their high school education equal to Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE ) and not Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) which is a basic entry requirement into any bachelors degree programme at IUEA.

The foundation programme or higher certificate of education can also be an option for Ugandan students who undertook their UACE exams but failed to attain the two principle passes required to study for a bachelors degree from IUEA. In instances where a student scores one principle pass, successful completion of the foundation programme will help the student gain admission.

Is it a must to do equating and translation? Who equates?

Yes, equating is a must for all international students. It is done by the Uganda National Examinations Board. 

The translation is a must for all international students who hold certificates that are not in the English language. It is done by the Makerere University Centre of Languages.

What other co-curricular activities?

IUEA is known for having a very vibrant events culture. Our events calendar is dotted by colourful events that draw the attention of not all students but the community as well. The most dominant of these events being the Mr and Ms IUEA and the cultural gala.

Mr and Miss IUEA.

The Mr and Miss IUEA is more than just a beauty pageant, it stretches far into character, talent, intelligence, creativity, and presentation eloquence. The event is so colourful that it makes such a buzz in the media. The winners of the beauty pageant automatically become the university’s brand ambassadors or face. They get to represent the university at public events both in and out of the country. They also stand a chance to win a partial scholarship courtesy of IUEA. 

Students Cultural Gala

IUEA boasts of a very diverse student body. Our multinational environment consists of student representations of more nationalities than our fingers can count. Our students hail from various African, European and Asian countries to as far as Holland. The cultural gala at IUEA provides a learning and knowledge exchange platform. The multiplicity is showcased in a massive display of food, fashion, music, and dance.

The IUEA cultural gala is one of the university's most anticipated events. Away from the fun, it is a unifying occasion

At the end of the day. The most innovative group is rewarded a cash price along with other non-cash items for the followers up.

There are other sporting activities like football, rally racing that takes place at the university. For those that are keen on their watching their physique, we do have an in campus gym and trainer.

Fun things around the campus?

IUEA is located in Kansanga on Ggaba Road. An area that is well known for its bustling fun and activity. It is a hub of restaurants, malls, 4-star hotels and resorts, beaches, meet-up spots and amazing physical features. You will be sure to get a feel of the crisp breeze at the shores of Lake Victoria in a less than 30 minutes drive from the university. 

Also, marvel at the beautiful hills of Bunga and explore the amazing stone quarry in Muyenga. All less than 10 minutes drive from IUEA. The capital city of Kampala is also just 70kms away. You can get there with a “matatu”(taxi) or a “jaj/bodaboda”(motorbike) at less than $2

If you love yourself some good fresh fish, then the beaches of Ggaba will be your muse.

Is there parking for students, and is it free?

Yes, we do have parking space for all students and staff. Parking is free. However, the slots are taken up on a first-come, first-serve basis. No student is entitled to particular parking slots.

Are there any clubs we can be part of while at IUEA?

We do have a variety of clubs that you would like. These include; The boxing club, rally team, law society, engineering students clubs, FBM students club, associations based on nationalities.

Are there worship places near the university?

Yes, there are worship places for all religious denominations and sects. Whether you are Orthodox,Catholic, Anglican, Muslim, Seventh Day Adventist or a born-again Christian. There are worship places in close proximity.